One thought on “Chris Watts Third Confession Letter

  1. (Chris’s letter): “…and used a pillow from their bed (to kill them). That’s why the cause of death was smothering.” Again, here it sounds like he’s actually just reiterating the D.A.’s theory and also the autopsy report that the cause of death to the girls was smothering. Not that he did smother them but more like he is reciting or explaining the results of the autopsy report. You don’t say “that’s why”. It could be true that after what he hoped would sedate them to death wore off, so he had to essentially do something more, which would be killing them a second time. Also if he had attempted to kill the girls in their beds after Shan’ann had returned and was in his bed she could have seen him on the baby monitor. Too risky. If he had been thinking about it at the birthday party, and even before that why not take advantage of no other witnesses in the hours leading up to Shan’ann’s arrival home – not wait until the last minute.


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