#7 July 10th, 2018: Nut Gate Aftermath #1yearagotodayCW

It’s unlikely Watts knew about Shan’ann ranting about his folks on social media on the day she posted them [July 9th]. From the Phone Data Review Watts only appears to be aware of it three days later on July 13th, and July 14th, when he – atypically – logs onto Facebook.

24 hours after Nut Gate Shan’ann is surprised her husband is quiet and distant. Watts admits “being short” to her, but he tells her he still loves her.

Fullscreen capture 20190708 110854

When Watts tells Shan’ann he wants to clear his head, what he’s really saying [if only to himself], is he wants to clear his head of her. And a month later, he succeeded.

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