#16 July 19th, 2018: An Unidentified Contact #1yearagotodayCW

July 19th, 2018 was a Thursday. Watts called Shan’ann presumably just prior to leaving for work.

We have no idea who Watts communicated with mid-morning that Thursday for seven minutes.

Fullscreen capture 20190718 232141

We also have no idea what Watts was doing when he logged onto Facebook. Was he reviewing what Shan’ann had said? It’s unfortunate during the several hours Watts was interrogated, he wasn’t specifically shown the Phone Data Review and asked to explain, and whether he could recall, someone of these interactions. What was discussed in those numerous conversations between him and his wife? Who was this unidentified contact? What was he doing on Facebook [and on the 20th, Snapchat]?

Thursday was also leading to the weekend. Watts had four precious weekends in July when he had the space to conduct the affair. Four weekends. He had to make each one count, because they might be his last with his mistress.

Fullscreen capture 20190712 003259

4 thoughts on “#16 July 19th, 2018: An Unidentified Contact #1yearagotodayCW

  1. That is peculiar. Calling an unidentified number. My phone number is blocked and shows up “restricted” when I call people but it’s getting so now people know it’s me as I’m the only one they know that has their phone number blocked. If I save someone else’s number by putting a *82 before it then they see my number and know it’s me, or they can save it with my name. At any rate the night before Watts was looking into “Shore Haven North Myrtle Beach” 7/18 on his google search (p. 2089 discovery documents)- did Shan’ann give him some homework and then followed up early the next morning to ask what he had found? Maybe he sure as heck didn’t want her posting about their upcoming “romantic getaway” on her facebook – or his – where Kessinger might see it. So he follows up by logging into facebook five or so hours after their conversation to see. But that doesn’t explain a call to an unidentified number. Just musing.


  2. I just get the feeling that all of this hurry hurry rush rush where Watts was concerned, by the D.A.’s office was in part to spare the Rzucek family any more pain, but also to provide a win for the D.A.’s office. Rourke’s visit to the Rzucek’s in which he has a conversation with Sandy about not pursuing the death penalty was possibly a tactic to get them to agree to letting him plead guilty and be done with it. Even the autopsy results aren’t specific enough for me. Stomach contents not revealed, no diagrams and the like. But by not allowing due process – a trial, it actually has done the Rzucek’s (and the public) a disservice because there are still so many questions and it’s left the door open for Watts to continue lying, which I would think is more hurtful to the Rzucek family. Wouldn’t you want the truth, the whole truth and nothing but?


    • The Rzuceks are widely seen as the goodies and the Watts clan as the baddies. I’m not sure if a plea deal was done out of the goodness of anyone’s heart. It seems to have come about out of a similar cowardice that caused the murders – to avoid confronting the truth. There are some secrets there. But trial or no trial they’ll probably come out eventually.


  3. One of the ways the Rzuceks are seen as the goodies is they decided to spare Watt’s life, by not going to trial and allowing the prosecution team to seek the death penalty. Nice strategy of Rourke. He knew if he expended the resources for an expensive death penalty case Watt’s would still end up having the sentence commuted to life – several life sentences. By laying it on Sandy, making the decision hers and knowing they were a Catholic religious family, he can paint them as the good guys, and he doesn’t have to spend Weld county resources on an expensive trial. In exchange, Chris will sign a piece of paper pleading guilty to all nine counts and he’s right where he would be had there been an expensive trial.

    I don’t know that the Rzuceks had much time to think that through. Now we have a situation where Watt’s sister is helping him spin his tales, and send emissaries to get his “truth” out there which ends up in the long run, causing the Rzuceks more grief than if they had had the trial. When you get bits and pieces of the truth it eats away at you, because you know there’s something wrong. Better to rip the band aid off and deal with as best you can. It ended up the D.A. outsmarted the victims in my opinion. Now what I can’t figure out is to what end is the game Watts playing? It’s doubtful he will muster the financial wherewithal to ever have a trial – or does he just want to play a sadistic game of cat and mouse – is his family receiving kickbacks from CNN/HLN? From ID Discovery? Yes, there are secrets here. Eventually he’ll get computer privileges. He can start a “Free Chris” website.


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