#30 August 2nd, 2018: Nude Photos #1yearagotodayCW

On the one hand, Watts was taking photos and video of his children, on the other, he was receiving nude images from his mistress. He had to pick a side. He had to pick who and what he wanted on his phone [and in his life].

Watts seemed to be so smitten he took an image of a necklace he likely intended to buy for Kessinger while hanging out with his family at Myrtle Beach.  Her images kept him on a psychological leash – tethered to her – while his photo of a necklace indicated to her where his loyalties lay. With her.

Fullscreen capture 20190801 223331

But Shan’ann couldn’t know about it. So Watts busily secreted away his stash of images in his Secret Calculator app. As quickly as they came in he hid them away. Even if Shan’ann took his phone she’d be none the wiser, just as if Shan’ann asked him what was going on, he would make sure Shan’ann was none the wiser.


But he did concede one thing that was bothering him. He didn’t volunteer anything about the affair, or even about money [apparently]. The third pregnancy was now [suddenly] an issue for the first time. At 13 weeks Watts suddenly seemed to realize he was in something of a bind. The question was, what to do about it. He started by telling Shan’ann. She didn’t take it well. Who would?

Fullscreen capture 20190801 131642

Obviously telling his wife he didn’t want another child would have felt like an immense betrayal for Shan’ann. Besides that, she would have felt alienated and have difficulty trusting her husband. What lay behind this change of heart? According to Watts, Shan’ann was very emotional and there was a lot of crying.

So how come when the Rzuceks were asked about this, why didn’t they say anything [go to  1:17]?

Incidentally, the word “nude” appears just 8 times in the Discovery Documents, all in reference to Kessinger sending Watts images of herself. These references occur on the following dates:

July 18

July 20

July 24

July 26

July 29 [full nude]

August 2

August 9

August 14

Now we don’t know exactly when Watts let on to his wife that he was having second thoughts about the baby. It’s likely he played it cool for the first three days. This estimate is based on Shan’ann’s lack of response until the dam burst on August 4th. August 2nd was the halfway point between not saying anything and communicating his thoughts about the pregnancy. At the same time he was simply thinking, feeling, listening. He was wondering how Shan’ann was going to react, and then wondering what to do about it.

With each passing hour he felt a greater sense not only of certainty, but urgency. He didn’t want this. Each day here was more asphyxiating. Each successive nude image from Kessinger was a carrot, tempting him to come out of his shell.


6 thoughts on “#30 August 2nd, 2018: Nude Photos #1yearagotodayCW

  1. The orange tie or ribbon around the skeleton’s neck reminds me of Watts at the sand dunes with the orange scarf around his face. But I wonder who this skeleton is looking at opposite him?


  2. Hmmm. I think taking a photo of the necklace he bought (or thought of buying….do we know if he bought it?) for his mistress might show a tad of delighting in his duplicity about what had become his other (now more real to him)life while away with his official wife and family. The extract from the police files of his account of “bringing a third kid into the world….” .if they are an honest account of the conversations, sound like he presented shannan with his problem to solve…like an act of God had caused the dilemma and it was reasonable that someone decide on appropriate arrangements. Almost as if he doesn’t consider himself an active participant in the dynamics of what’s occurred and the fallout that needs to be managed.

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  3. One more thought – this is also the 2nd time in a couple of days that he’s taken photos to prove something to the women in his life. For his wife…here’s a photo as proof of parking charges. For his mistress…here’s a photo of a necklace I’m buying for you to prove that I’m thinking of you even though I’m with my wife.


    • There’s another reason he was sulky the week he was in NC. If he had been photographed embracing his wife, or giving her a kiss she may have posted it on facebook “my husband is so happy to see me after five weeks away”, etc., and then you know who else would see it. Don’t forget he’s been playing the role of two face for quite a while.


  4. I thought Watts might have bought a necklace when he and NK were at the sand dunes, maybe that little shop you showed where they sell firewood and ice and curios and gift items. But she wasn’t wearing a necklace in the sand dunes pictures and if he’s sending a picture to his secret calculator on Aug. 2 then no. He was taking a huge risk, transferring nude pictures and possibly texting while in North Carolina. All his wife would have had to do was turn around and see what he was up to, or ask him what he was doing on his phone the whole time they were supposed to be watching Bella have a good time on the bungee chair. It honestly makes me wonder why he didn’t think up an excuse not to go to NC. It would have bought him one more week with NK, he took vacation time when they needed the money, and he clearly didn’t want to be there.

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    • That is exactly what I kept wondering seeing those videos. Of all the things they fought about and allegedly said, she still does not go on his phone (at least not as actively as she could have) and she even says this to one of her group text friends. She never really went like: “Hand me the fking phone before I flip”. She could have. Wasn’t she the one who ball slapped him into shape? Then my thought is: she knew and mega suspected the affair, is in a total state of inner panic, and is in total denial and being a “fixer” she will fix this but – like with her bills, her “bizness”, and her bankruptcies: ” I just won’t look that way.” I am very saddened that this had to end up this way, but I am trying to see the patterns that led to this horrid tragedy. Clearly, the dynamics of this “perfect couple” were excrement. I see couples like them everywhere in the military too- one just lets the other do “whatever” and then -bam! One of them loses their crap and attacks or hits the other and a whole lot of mess ensues. This Watts case was extreme but it is a total study into the mind of “normal people” and how far we can go. I will continue to wonder about this case for a while.

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