#30 August 2nd, 2018: Nude Photos #1yearagotodayCW

On the one hand, Watts was taking photos and video of his children, on the other, he was receiving nude images from his mistress. He had to pick a side. He had to pick who and what he wanted on his phone [and in his life].

Watts seemed to be so smitten he took an image of a necklace he likely intended to buy for Kessinger while hanging out with his family at Myrtle Beach.  Her images kept him on a psychological leash – tethered to her – while his photo of a necklace indicated to her where his loyalties lay. With her.

Fullscreen capture 20190801 223331

But Shan’ann couldn’t know about it. So Watts busily secreted away his stash of images in his Secret Calculator app. As quickly as they came in he hid them away. Even if Shan’ann took his phone she’d be none the wiser, just as if Shan’ann asked him what was going on, he would make sure Shan’ann was none the wiser.


But he did concede one thing that was bothering him. He didn’t volunteer anything about the affair, or even about money [apparently]. The third pregnancy was now [suddenly] an issue for the first time. At 13 weeks Watts suddenly seemed to realize he was in something of a bind. The question was, what to do about it. He started by telling Shan’ann. She didn’t take it well. Who would?

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Obviously telling his wife he didn’t want another child would have felt like an immense betrayal for Shan’ann. Besides that, she would have felt alienated and have difficulty trusting her husband. What lay behind this change of heart? According to Watts, Shan’ann was very emotional and there was a lot of crying.

So how come when the Rzuceks were asked about this, why didn’t they say anything [go to  1:17]?

Incidentally, the word “nude” appears just 8 times in the Discovery Documents, all in reference to Kessinger sending Watts images of herself. These references occur on the following dates:

July 18

July 20

July 24

July 26

July 29 [full nude]

August 2

August 9

August 14

Now we don’t know exactly when Watts let on to his wife that he was having second thoughts about the baby. It’s likely he played it cool for the first three days. This estimate is based on Shan’ann’s lack of response until the dam burst on August 4th. August 2nd was the halfway point between not saying anything and communicating his thoughts about the pregnancy. At the same time he was simply thinking, feeling, listening. He was wondering how Shan’ann was going to react, and then wondering what to do about it.

With each passing hour he felt a greater sense not only of certainty, but urgency. He didn’t want this. Each day here was more asphyxiating. Each successive nude image from Kessinger was a carrot, tempting him to come out of his shell.