1. “QRX Pharma faces US Class Action” “Failed biotech QRX Pharma and it’s former chief executive, John Holaday” (who co-founded Medicis Pharmaceutical Corp. in 1988 with Jonah Shacknai) “have been named in a class action for violations of federal securities laws in the U.S. Scott & Scott, attorneys at law, lodged a class action complaint against the Sydney-based company, which was suspended from the Australian Securities Exchange and placed into voluntary administration May 22 (2015) after it failed to gain approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for it’s pain management drug MoxDuo.” (article by Carrie LaFrenz 6/25/2015).

    Big pharma cutting corners? Wouldn’t be the first time and in all fairness this doesn’t involve Jonah Shacknai except that people or companies associated with him seem to be embroiled in legal problems in one way or another.


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