INCELS TRIGGERED? Code Red Safety Alert Issued for the Opening Weekend of Joker – FBI [UPDATED]

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Welcome, all True Crime elves, gurus and budding Rocket Scientists, to the new Crime Rocket Podcast! And also, a warm welcome to those just tuning in and discovering your growing interest in True Crime.

My name is Chelece Glenn, and I’m here with best-selling true-crime author, blogger, and true crime expert, Nick Van Der Leek.  Nick is the author behind the wildly popular blogs on and, and also hosts an active True Crime Rocket Science group on Facebook.

He has authored 93 true-crime books, is in the process of building his Youtube channel, and I am thrilled to get the chance to hear his insights and ask him our burning questions about trending cases every week!



What Is An “Incel”, and Why is the Upcoming Movie “Joker” Being Touted as the Perfect Place and Time for an Incel Rebellion? How Can America, and the World, Defeat the Incel Epidemic?

Worth Playing For?

Media Narrative

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What is an Incel?

“After reading your book, Incel, which was fantastic and really had me mesmerized, (even a bit obsessed, as I dug for more and more information) I have heard the term “Incel” being used quite frequently in mainstream media, and especially in regard to mass shooters.

Would you explain exactly what that term “Incel” means, and give us an example of someone who would identify as such a person? (we discuss the killers you detail in Incel, focusing mainly on Rodger, as you pitch the book and mention Hollywood’s interest in your explanation of this trend.)

This seems to be a rising phenomenon, as you accurately predicted some time ago.  I was told something interesting this week regarding fears of an imminent Incel riot. Having been based in Washington DC for the past 20 years, I’m friends with many CIA and FBI agents. I was told that the FBI have been seeing evidence in the dark web that the upcoming movie, “Joker” has caused men who gather in chatrooms and identify as Incels to feel validated, and to see the character of the Joker as something of an Incel Hero, a la Elliot Rodger. There are widespread fears that the opening weekend for that movie will be a dangerous time in America, and that the danger alert is at code red. What do you think upon hearing this information? If it’s true, what does that say about our society, how might we proceed?


Domestic Terrorism a Growing Threat in America

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Have we seen this kind of pandemonium in the movie industry in the past?

(Aurora shooting, Natural Born Killers, etc.) Is it the job of Hollywood to make entertaining movies with no misgivings that they may spark an uptick in violence? Freedom of speech, etc. Do movies make killers? Do video games make killers? Does Hollywood have a responsibility to prevent those situations? Is that part of a broader discussion about gun control and mental health in America?

Discussions with New York-based Emmy award winning producer…

The Antidote

You have some ideas as to how parents can avoid raising a son who turns out to be the next Elliot Rodger. In your book, you call it the antidote. What CAN we do to stop this worrisome trend. What advice would you give to parents of young boys, or even parents of teens in general? (You discuss your antidote theory) Is the popularity and trend toward feminism a catalyst for their behavior, an almost natural response for beta males to feel threatened? If so, what can be done about it?

“All I have are negative thoughts…”

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