#18 July 21st, 2018: 12 Weeks: A Thrive event in Moore County, or Drag Racing at Bandimere Speedway – which would be your poison? #1yearagotodayCW

On Saturday, July 21st, Shan’ann was 12 weeks pregnant. She put this image up on her Facebook page.


Many have speculated whether Nichol Kessinger saw this image or others like it. In the noise of Thrive crap, they would be hard to spot, and it took me a long time to find this one. As it turned out, the day Shan’ann reached 12 weeks coincided with a Thrive local event. According to Shan’ann’s Thrive badge she was a 80K VIP promoter [and this was also part of Shan’ann’s bio on Facebook], which is the second highest ranking. Addy was at 200K.


Meanwhile, back in Colorado, Watts was with Kessinger at the Bandimere Speedway. Compare in your mind the fun of promoters selling powders to, and recruiting each other on a Saturday, to this:

On July 21st we also have confirmation [not that it’s any big surprise] that Watts was deleting a lot of the content on his device.

Fullscreen capture 20190718 232259

Based on what he said during his Second Confession, Watts was clearly having the time of his life with Kessinger, including on this day. Being with her, here, brought back fond childhood memories. He had to feel a bitter resentment rising when he compared this happy, vivid reminiscing to Shan’ann causing havoc with his folks in North Carolina.

At the same time he felt she was costing him a fairy tale, Kessinger seemed to be offering him another, and he was tempted. One year later, based on what’s still on Watts’ phone and what he deleted, it’s obvious which life he preferred, and what choice he was slowly gravitating towards.

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