2 thoughts on “Rebecca Zahau Case File: Volume 1 [of 2], Section 13 [of 43] POLYGRAPH REPORT

  1. Well, isn’t this interesting. Two things that stood out to me other than that he flunked the poly, was Adam said “he did not hear anything unusual during the night and remembered thinking how quiet it was.” If he is remarking how quiet it was, isn’t that unusual? I mean, enough to think about it as he says. Also when you take an Ambien you are knocked out, you don’t hear much of anything. He says he did get up to use the bathroom – was that when he noticed how quiet it was?

    Also why in the world would you tell the police you got up in the morning and masturbated to porn on your Iphone? It reminds me of Michael Skakel, who it was determined murdered Martha Moxley. He too said he masturbated “in a tree” near Martha’s body. Is Adam trying to suggest something?


  2. Now I see Oxygen is going to tackle the Martha Moxley murder – I swear I didn’t know until a few minutes ago. I’m just long over Martha’s murder and the trial of Michael Skakel, Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s comments and Mickey Sherman’s failed defense – I thought Mark Furhman (and one of my favorites – Dominick Dunne) did an excellent job of putting together the pieces of that murder.


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