The Quoirins have requested a Second Autopsy, and still believe there was a “Criminal Element” in Nora’s Death

Months after Nora Quoirin’s disappearance and death [from exposure and starvation] in the Malaysian jungle, the Quoirin’s are back in the news, demanding an inquest. This is something of a mismatch when, following Nora’s tragic death, the family asked for privacy, and demanded an end to speculation. When the offer was made to do a second autopsy, they rejected it.

But then they conducted one in Ireland. The results are still outstanding. Curiously in their statement to the media they’re doing the same thing the McCanns did – blaming the police for acting too slowly, and accusing the authorities of a botched investigation. If Nora was missing for 10 days, then an investigation delayed by ten minutes or ten hours wasn’t going to make much difference. They still have nine days to find her.

And while the Quoirins demanded the authorities focus their search far afield, Nora was ultimately found very close to the hotel, in a location that to date has still not been definitively identified and demarcated.

One thought on “The Quoirins have requested a Second Autopsy, and still believe there was a “Criminal Element” in Nora’s Death

  1. Sebastien has his tongue out there in the RTE news clip.

    But anyway could requesting a second autopsy be about money in some way? I don’t have any facts to base this on, but since they started a victim fund long ago and she died of starvation then she really wouldn’t necessarily be a victim – of foul play – but more so a victim of someone not paying attention to where she was supposed to be.


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