Defense Pokes Holes in Inconclusive Surveillance Footage – PATRICK FRAZEE TRIAL DAY 3

When does video footage qualify as evidence? Simple – when it’s high-quality and unambiguous. What then if it’s low quality and ambiguous, is it entirely useless as evidence? Not quite.

More: Patrick Frazee trial: Defense questions timeline, lack of black tote in surveillance photos – The Denver Channel

Patrick Frazee trial: Camera spotted Frazee at Kelsey Berreth’s home 11 times on day of alleged killing, investigator testifies – The Gazette

All the defense needs to do is provide a measure of reasonable doubt. And yes, there is some. There is talk that there is more evidence implicating Kenney than Frazee. Maybe, but the surveillance video doesn’t suggest she was there on November 22nd. That doesn’t seem to be something addressed by either legal counsel.

Yet another police officer affiliated with the investigation is identified. This time it’s WPPD Corporal Beth Huber. Huber did a review of the CCTV surveillance from Safeway.

If Frazee is innocent, then why is it that there’s an impression of him being less than honest? For example:

And then there’s this problem:

There’s also the issue that Frazee was late for completely missed a scheduled Thanksgiving Dinner with his mother and brother that day.  What was he supposedly doing all afternoon that afternoon that held him up?

When Sean does encounter his brother he seems to be “acting normal”, as does 1-year-old Kaylee. This raises a question – if there was a murder that day, wouldn’t Kaylee have witnessed it in some way, and if she did, wouldn’t she be traumatized?

True Crime Intertextualities:

1. Kelsey not seen taken out of her home [neither was Shan’ann].

2. Video evidence matters, but not necessarily sufficient.

3. The defense alleged prosecution’s footage has been manipulated to overstate their case. They cite strange incongruous shadows that don’t match up with chronological lighting, unless cloud cover played a role.

4. Just as happened during the Watts case, the first hearing in November coincided with mid-term elections. The same thing interrupted – and arguably interfered with – coverage of the Frazee trial.

4. Frazee “appears normal” after the alleged incident.


If Chris Watts blundered by not removing Shan’ann’s purse, keys, car and meds, Frazee has the opposite problem. Why is Kelsey missing, but food is on the table, her cars are out back, but her personal possessions [including phone] are gone and apparently on the move?

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One thought on “Defense Pokes Holes in Inconclusive Surveillance Footage – PATRICK FRAZEE TRIAL DAY 3

  1. This issue of control will continue to rear it’s ugly head as long as there are humans on the planet. If for some reason the engagement between Kelsey and Patrick was to be called off, Kelsey would still demand child support. She wouldn’t get spousal support since she wasn’t a spouse yet. Sometimes a man feels he shouldn’t have to pay child support if he’s not married to the mother, and if he’s going to have to pay it anyway, he would rather take complete custody of the child and not give the mother one red cent. Kelsey, on the otherhand, was financially strapped too, and possibly had sensed that Patrick Frazee would not be a suitable father (which she should have thought about before the child was born) but both would not want to give up control of their positions, or the child, to the other.

    It stands to reason that beating is Frazee’s method of meting out punishment, whereas Watts wanted to go the quiet way, with little cleaning, muss or fuss. It must have repulsed Watts to have to clean up his wife after he murdered her, and I think he put every fan on in the upstairs to ventilate the smell. Frazee on the otherhand worked on his ranch, around animals, and hay and dirt and probably blood and feces and would not have been as repulsed by a mess as Watts would. Watts was well versed in what certain chemicals could do, both in his work at Anadarko and working on car engines. Frazee was of the outdoors, the rugged outdoors, farm animals, the brutality of ranching. In otherwords, his Dark Art (loved that phrase in Silver Fox) would have been very different from Watt’s Dark Art.


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