17 thoughts on “More Photos of The Dusun Resort you probably haven’t seen yet

  1. Well, obviously there’s a big window in the downstairs bedroom – but I don’t think she went out any of the windows to begin with (nor did anyone come in and single her out and take her). I noticed in the picture of downstairs bedroom while the Quoirin’s were there there appears to be a dark blue curtain against the wall or window. That would provide a nice blackout curtain if someone needed to take a nap during the day.

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    • Someone left a great comment on the TCRS Facebook Group forum. White tiles, no shoe/footprints? Outside is tropic jungle, mud, leaves and vegetation. You’re going to break in and not leave a grain of dirt behind?

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  2. Well, I think we have pretty successfully put to death the idea that someone came in and stole Nora away. Still, no one seems in any particular hurry to clear that up, or tell us who the fingerprint belonged to.

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  3. …..carrying a teenager who was by family accounts clingy with them and scared of others and therefore screaming or crying..from a bed she must have been sharing with others, underneath an open plan balcony /platform where the rest of her family slept. And out of 4 people no one heard it. Unless there is a key bit of info we don’t know, we must have put the idea to bed, given it some cocoa, sung a lullaby and kissed it goodnight surely!

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  4. Ha Julie. The parents seemed so convinced it was an abduction. Right from the jump. If they were inside and Nora was outside, by herself, at any given time, then I can see why they might have assumed she was taken from somewhere outside. They would have to know she had gotten away from the pack. Or if they assumed she was inside and in bed, then she wasn’t, it’s odd then that they assumed an abduction. And to add to it, it was Sebastien who checked on her and reported her not in her bed. Why is that? It’s the mother who is usually in charge of the kidlets. It still seems screwy to me. Might we have a Part 2 to this mystery?


    • Oh, I thought it was obvious. If you look at the bungalow, it’s like an aquarium with one aspect of the elevation missing. No walls, no windows, no ceiling. Does it make sense that an intruder would need to break open anything, and if he did, how and why would he go inside the bedroom with two others sleeping, remove Nora [against her will] and take her out. How would they not see or hear anything? Why wouldn’t Nora cry out? And all this without leaving a grain of dirt on the white tiles, or depositing as much as a leaf from the damp jungle outside.

      Take that scenario and compare it to Nora, who was spatially challenged, wandering out of new and unfamiliar accommodation where the lines between inside and outside are blurred.


      • I know there was an open aspect to the Sora House but a drop from the balcony to ground level.

        Nora was unable to walk far because of her problems so I doubt a young girl walked out of that house into the blackness of the night , with the strange jungle noises emanating all around her & wandering aimlessly about, avoiding the snakes & scorpions &other biting insects such as giant red ants, to be found 10 days later with barely a scratch & no torn feet. Somebody took her out there. Who is the question.

        How wasn’t she found by 300+ searchers Nick??


      • Sorry I forgot to ask why you red circled certain things & red arrowed them. It is obvious the pics were taken from previous occupancy, not the time the Quoirins were in occupation.

        On someone choosing the kitchen window I feel it might have been left unlocked, possibly by someone who had been in Sora House before the Quoirins & possibly deliberately.

        We now know there was the open aspect but a drop to ground level. Nora didn’t leave that way.


      • Nick I’m not understanding any of your points I’m sorry. Nora, we were told, slept upstairs with her 2 siblings. The parents had the ground floor bedroom.

        What is the point in you posting up pictures of the Sora House from previous residents stays?


      • With all due respect how do you know this for a fact? We were told she did and we have to believe that to be the case. The Malaysian or Negri Sembilan police didn’t dispute this, did they?


      • We were told she did and we have to believe that to be the case. >>>You must be new to true crime. The local police issued a statement correcting the fact that it wasn’t the upstairs window that was open, but the downstairs window.


      • Again, I say with all due respect, what did it matter if the upstairs window was open or not? Nobody has ever said it was. We’re talking about the kitchen window Nick, the one on a level with the stairs up to the bedroom but across the room. That was the living floor level and to all intents and purposes, ground level.


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