Debunking The TCRS Myths About Chris Watts

The YouTuber below has provided a debunk for the “Chris Watts is a narcissist!” No, actually he isn’t video. What do you think, does she succeed?

I’ve also provided a third video which has an interesting if dubiously relevant explanation of the “covert narcissist”. The scary part is I think I have some of those traits, but doesn’t saying that outright mean I’m not “covert” by definition?

So what am I?

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True Crime In Colorado: Promising New Lines of Inquiry into Nichol Kessinger

The undiscovered country of true crime is undoubtedly social media. Ordinary people leave digital breadcrumbs of themselves online, willy-nilly, randomly, arbitrarily but also authentically. These are off-the-cuff but more important, timestamped and related to a key inner circle of people. These hidden networks reveal plenty about the true social dynamics of the key role players.

Once a crime happens, typically attempts are made to scrub compromising online activity. Kessinger did an impressive job in destroying her virtual identity, but as is typically the case, she wasn’t able to scrub everything.


The True Crime in Colorado channel has done some good work recently in developing the Kessinger narrative in a meaningful way [as opposed to the ongoing conjecture that has been mostly baseless].

They’ve followed a few leads using Venmo notifications,* and trying to connect these to the discovery as well as timeline-related texts sent between Watts and Kessinger. Fleshing out the timeline is integral to cogent True Crime Rocket Science, which is why there seems to be some – not a lot, but some – new insight here.

The bottom-line with these possible connections to Trent Bolte, Danielle and others, is it provides the cursory apparatus to interrogate the beginnings of “dark things” Watts suggested in his letters to Cheryln Cadle. Were these dark things sexual?

*Note: Venmo is a mobile payment service app owned by PayPal.

Here’s everything you’ve ever wondered about the payment app Venmo – Daily Dot

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2 X Cadaver Dogs Radar and Lucy, Krystal’s Alibi and her father testifies about her “likes to please” Personality – PATRICK FRAZEE TRIAL DAY 6

Recap of Day 5

Day 6

Friday is another cold, glassy clear day in Colorado.

All the effort to burn and dispose of the poor woman’s remains, and the cadaver dogs knew all along there were dead remains.

So Kelsey’s remains were moved twice. From the condo to the Nash Ranch, and from the Nash Ranch to somewhere else where he burned it – southwest of Cripple Creek.

Mid-morning Break


Lunch Break

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Krystal Kenney Testifies about Where Kaylee was during Murder, Disposing of Kelsey’s Remains, Cover-up – PATRICK FRAZEE TRIAL DAY 5

Some new voices have joined the throng of mainstream coverage of the Patrick Frazee case, this bright blue morning on Day 5.

She said she never called police out of fear that she’d be blamed, and that Frazee would call someone to kill her, too.


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In the afternoon session, Kenney faced aggressive cross-examination from Frazee’s defense team.

Think of it – Kenney driving for hours from Idaho with a murder weapon in her vehicle, and murder in heart and mind. Irrespective of what she did or didn’t do, malintent was clearly present.


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Krystal Kenney Testifies about carrying Frazee’s child, abortion – PATRICK FRAZEE TRIAL DAY 4

Call it True Crime Rocket Intuition [TCRI] but I had a feeling Kenney would be called to the stand today. As the prosecution’s star witnesses it makes sense that they would construct their narrative – their entire case – essentially, around her. And so once the FBI’s Kevin Hoyland’s testimony was done [Hoyland did the Phone Data Review in the Chris Watts case], in terms of the phone narrative, it was only logical to assume Kenney would step in and provide her essential piece to the prosecution’s puzzle.

Her testimony, when it came, came after the tea break at about about 11:00 local time on the morning of Trial Day 4.

The setup inside the court, according to The Gazette is described as:

 …a packed courtroom with creaky seats and poor acoustics…

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At 12:10 the court went into lunch recess, and the speculation turned out to be true as the first tweets went out summing up the morning session.

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More coverage from the afternoon session:

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The very last session of the day was the most emotionally brutal of all for witness #24…

At roughly 1:30 p.m., the man investigators say is Frazee, 33, entered the home with Berreth, who was carrying poinsettias, and their infant daughter, Kaylee.

“This is the last image I ever recovered of Kelsey Berreth, period,” Mininger said. Investigators say she was never heard from after that.

And when the man leaves later that afternoon, he is seen carrying the baby, Mininger said. The person on camera is wearing a light-colored T-shirt and ballcap. 

SOURCE: The Gazette

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The records also showed calls between Frazee and his mistress, Krystal Lee Kenney, the beginning Thanksgiving evening and into the next day. Kenney was in Idaho on Thanksgiving Day and began driving to Colorado on Nov. 23

Patrick Frazee trial: Defendant’s mistress Krystal Lee Kenney the focus as trial opens – The Gazette

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Latest Conspiracy: “Nichol Kessinger’s truck spotted on August 15 [exclamation mark]”

YouTubers are really scraping the bottom of the barrel trying to come up with new Chris Watts-related stuff. It wouldn’t even be fair to call this stuff “tenuous links” to the case. It’s linked to the case in the same sense that the sky above the house, and gravity under it are also linked to the rest of the neighborhood. Correlation doesn’t not imply causation, they say, but even these images aren’t correlated to actual people involved, that’s how poor the standard of true crime application is by these folks.

The latest tail-chase is car spotting, preferably red or white vehicles, using the Bodycam footage. In YouTubeLand the standard to meet is weak visual coincidences and an audience that wants to stay in Wonderland.

Spot the differences:

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