BREAKING: Why French prosecutors have opened a criminal investigation into Nora Quoirin’s death

There’s a simple reason to classify a case criminal or not. The circumstances around a disappearance or death are either suspicious or they aren’t. If they meet the standard to be reasonably suspicious, then it becomes a criminal investigation.

One of the most suspicious aspects of this case is the imputed “scene” where the body was found. This has been the most mysterious part all along – why was it so difficult to find Nora Quoirin’s body. How did it take ten days?

Fullscreen capture 20190814 170023

It turns out the area where she was found had already been searched. It’s possible someone close to the events knew this, and moved the body there after the fact.

If so, who?


More: Nora Quoirin: autopsy yet to determine cause of death, say police

Was Nora moved? Volunteer who found Nora Quoirin’s naked body believes she could NOT have been there when search teams first checked the area – Daily Mail

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