The £20 million Pedophile-Adbuctor themed Netflix Series, “Cops closing in on new prime suspect” and McCann case [GASP!] “close to a breakthrough” – the timing is all quite odd, don’t you think?

There has been a definite uptick in McCann-related PR this year. 2019 is the 12 year anniversary, so it’s not a numbers thing or anniversary thing. What it is is an Influence Campaign.

Sometime this year the European Court of Human Rights will rule on whether Portugal owes the McCanns money because the lead detective slandered them. Or it will rule that he didn’t. Whatever the ruling it will be huge because effectively it will be the last word in the McCann case. Imagine if the last word is that the lead detective was “right”? Because that will – at least symbolically – be the message behind the verdict. That could leave the legacy of McCann-related PR in tatters.

2019 has been a remarkable year so far in terms of coverage – PR and Investigative Reporting – on the McCann case. We’ve seen a crazy expensive Netflix series. Who paid for it, by the way? We’ve seen a lot of disconcerting bullshit peddled and recycled in the MSM media – still using the McCanns as a cash cow and playing the public for fools. Who is in charge of that? Who are the editors and reporters?

When this is all over, assuming it will be over, will be the media be called to account via an Authentic Inquiry for intentionally and cynically misleading the public to line their own pockets?

Fullscreen capture 20190625 204647

We’ve also seen an incredible offer from the world’s foremost DNA scientist, Dr Mark Perlin, to reexamine critical evidence. Even more incredible is the craven silence in “response” to this gesture; this from the folks at the center of the world’s most expensive missing person’s investigation in True Crime history.

Despite Dr. Perlin’s offer [to check the data for free], Scotland Yard apparently have far more serious suspects to pursue, and are far too busy with this to even respond to the offer.

One of their recent leads – announced on May 3rd [in Portugal] would you believe – was of a German pedophile who, unfortunately for the Pedophile Abductor narrative, appears to have a preference for young boys. The McCann case is famous for always having a brand new abductor every few months. Each promising new lead becomes a dead end only to lead to another BRAND NEW SUSPECT IDENTIFIED.

What’s bizarre is Martin Smith identified Gerry McCann right in the beginning, as someone he saw on the night of May 3rd, just before 22:00, carrying a child that fit the description of Madeleine McCann. Smith was able to guess the child’s age because he had a child of similar age himself. This is the one lead that had never been followed up. In a 12-year unsolved case, isn’t it time it was followed up?

But just like the DNA offer, it seems when it comes to this case the Official Investigation has its Eyes Wide Shut and the money just keeps rolling in, doesn’t it?

In True Crime there’s no such thing as coincidence, and when it’s as high-profile as this case, the stakes couldn’t be higher, or the motives lower.

Fullscreen capture 20190625 202043

Fullscreen capture 20190318 170726Fullscreen capture 20190625 205059


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