On the Day of Nora’s Funeral in Belfast – two distasteful stories

On the same day as Nora Quoirin’s funeral at St Brigid’s Church, Derryvolgie Avenue, Belfast, two news items caught my attention. The first was another fundraiser, ostensibly by the Lucie Blackman Trust to help fund the launch of their services for other Irish families in similar circumstances, in Nóra’s memory.

In other words, donate to “help fund the launch of the Lucie Blackman Trust…” We don’t even know the exact circumstances of what happened to Nora, but the Trust are confidently asking for donations to help other families in similar circumstances.

Did the Lucie Blackman Trust do anything to actually help find Nora, or assist in the investigation whatsoever? What they did do was act as spokesman; they were responsible for spreading the dubious abductor story, which put the Quoirin family at cross purposes with the police who were trying to look for their daughter.

A strong argument can be made that if it wasn’t for the interference and pressure of foreign media and bogus McCann-inspired abductor yarn, the searches would have remained nearer the resort where Nora was ultimately found. If that happened Nora may have been found sooner, and found alive. Nora didn’t die the day she went missing, she starved to death over a period of a week, more than enough time for the people on the ground searching for her to find her.

By splitting up the search resources into those searching for a Wandering Nora and those searching for an Abducted Nora, this may be why Nora wasn’t found until it was too late.

Alternatively, one may say there are still unanswered questions, say as whether Nora was moved to where she was found by some invisible entity or phantasm. But if there are lingering questions, no one seems interested in answering them any longer. The family have moved on, the media have moved on [except to criticize this site for daring to investigate beyond the media narrative], and apparently even the Trust have moved on in terms of fundraising for other families in so-called similar circumstances.

At the official Nora Quoirin memorial page, one has to pay £14 in order to leave a “note of sympathy”.

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The other story that caught my attention was one conflating the discovery of of a missing Russian child with her parents, after a 20 year disappearance. Written by the McCann-scribe and arch apologist 


“Yulia was almost the same age as little Maddie when she mysteriously vanished from a train travelling from the Belarus capital of Minsk 20 years ago as her dad slept. She somehow ended up more than 550 miles away in Ryazan, in neighbouring Russia, three weeks later, where cops were unable to trace her parents and gave her up for adoption.”

Yulia didn’t “somehow end up 550 miles away”. She was on a train. That’s how she got to where she was found. While her father slept during the 60-mile train journey from Minsk to Asipovichy, Yulia wandered off [probably elsewhere in the train]. What’s so mysterious about that?

Fullscreen capture 20190910 141331

According to the media “it remains unclear how Yulia got from Asipovichy to Ryazan”.

It’s not unclear at all. Ryazan is a few miles east of Moscow, the Russian capital. Trains tend to radiate outward from large urban centres, and after terminating at smaller cities and towns, they invariably return to these same centres. That’s what happened to Yulia.

Yulia was found on a railway siding, and ended up growing up there. She still lives there today. The media use the words “lost” to describe her, not kidnapped, or abducted. And where was Yulia reconciled with her family? At a police station, the one place where the McCanns didn’t want to be in Portugal. And when they were summoned, they refused to answer questions put to them.

Fullscreen capture 20190910 142115

Given the innocent circumstances of  Yulia Gorina, her parents had every reason to hope that she was alive. There was no reason to think she’d been taken, and rather than that being their first thought, it was more likely their last.

Interestingly, though the parents searched frantically for their child, the parents were widely believed to have killed their little girl, although charges were never filed against them. Naturally

Ultimately Yulia wasn’t taken by a sinister pedophile ring or predator abductor. She was found – a little girl lost – by local police. When no parents could be found in the area, she was given up for adoption.  Guess how she was reunited with her family? Her boyfriend did a simple internet search.

The McCann case is very different, and any sensible person [and sensible media] would know there is more evidence suggesting Madeleine is dead, and died in apartment 5A more than 12 years ago, than that she’s alive. If she is alive, and safe, she could do an internet search too, assuming she somehow missed the world’s largest manhunt for a person, and associated media coverage. So why doesn’t she?

One of the reasons I wanted to write about the Quoirin case was to debunk the lunacy of the McCann saga infecting this case. One could see a mile off that sticky taping abductor over this case was going to all end in tears, and that’s what happened – the disastrous results of this case were predictable and preventable.

The McCann case isn’t the proper or professional way to investigate a missing persons case, it’s not a blueprint how to deal with a missing child situation, it’s precisely how not to report on or investigate one.

Overall the media coverage of the Quoirin case was biased, misinformed and flat-out barking up the wrong tree. In this sense, the media are somewhat culpable for where Nora and her family find themselves on the tragic day her remains are finally laid to rest. Will any lessons be learned from this? And, at the end of the day, who is responsible for infecting the narrative the way this one was?

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The critical detail in the Nora Quoirin case that everyone is missing

It’s a mystery. When the Quoirin family woke up, Nora was gone. They say they have no idea why. But isn’t it really rather obvious?

Nora disappeared on her first night at the Dusun Resort. This is important. It means many aspects were new and novel to her, but it also means a very important and very well-known residual effect – common to all travelers – was playing out in the little girl’s personal experience. Jet lag.

Fullscreen capture 20190817 001733

London is seven time zones – but at this time of year eight hours – behind Kuala Lampur. [The extra hour is part of daylight savings, which is implemented between late March, early April and the end of October each year in England].

When it’s time to get up in England it’s afternoon in Malaysia. When it’s lunchtime in England, it’s dinnertime in Malaysia. And crucial to our inquiry, when it was bedtime in the Dusum Resort [which the parents told us was 22:00], it was barely mid-afternoon back home [14:00].

The map below shows how when it’s almost midday in London it’s a few hours before midnight in Kuala Lampur.

Fullscreen capture 20190817 002143.jpg

We also know that the parents flew into Malaysia from two different destinations. Sebastien arrived with the three children from London. Meabh, for reasons unknown, traveled separatedly, flying in from Singapore.

It can be assumed that the mother have been on a different “time clock” to the rest of the family, and further, that if she’d spent any time in Singapore, and perhaps adjusted somewhat, her bedtime would have been different to the rest of the family.

Although Meabh has changed the privacy settings on her Facebook page, preventing the public from following her movements over the days leading up to the incident, some artifacts were captured in the early days by some of the more enterprising folks in the true crime community. As a result, we’re able to see her last post on July 31st, was precisely on the issue of insomnia, and posted from Sydney Australia, which is a few time zones ahead of Malaysia.

Fullscreen capture 20190817 003414

The “Couldn’t sleep so…” entry was made on Saturday, July 27th, exactly a week before the incident. If Meabh flew into Malaysia from or via Singapore, it suggests she either flew from Australia, having spent several days there, or possibly from Singapore or a regional location. Meabh’s job, as is clear from her Facebook page [while it was available] took her frequently around the world.

In any event, what this illustrates is the importance of understanding not only the actual sleeping arrangements, but the actual family dynamics, especially the sleep cycles of the various members of the family.

Did one or both parents typically use sleeping pills while travelling?

Did the parents give sedative medication or soothing beverages to their children to help them sleep?

If Nora was on medication for her condition, and very likely she was, would she be exempt from these medications, or would there be serious contra-indications? Some of the treatments for Holoprosencephaly are at face value similar to those for epilepsy. Powerful medications are used to help integrate the brain’s systems. These include but are not limited to:

  • Anticonvulsant Agents.
  • Decarboxylase Inhibitors.
  • Anticholinergic Agents.
  • Skeletal Muscle Relaxants.
  • Histamine H2 Antagonists.
  • Proton Pump Inhibitors.
  • Prokinetic Agents.
  • Estrogens/Progestins.

Orphan drugs associated with the treatment of Holoprosencephaly include:

nihms611185f3It’s beyond the scope of this post to deal in further detail with the medical aspects, but this area does deserve further and deeper study, especially given the apparently “invisible” nature of Nora’s mechanism of death.

The outstanding toxicology reports may well confirm or rule out the possibilities of drug interference. It should be noted in cases of this nature that excess compounds will tend to accumulate in the hair, and thus Nora’s hair samples should be preserved and tested as a matter of urgency. Presumably these tests are being conducted at this time.

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Why it’s Obvious the McCanns’ “Last Photo” is Fake

According to the McCanns, this is the last photo of Madeleine – taken hours before she was snatched, on the day she was snatched: May 3rd, 2007.


But it’s more likely this is the first photo taken at Praia da Luz of the little girl on holiday. In other words, it was probably taken on April 28th within a few minutes of their arrival from the airport, or the next day, April 29th, at the latest.

Look at Gerry McCann’s skintone on his face and hands on May 4th:



Gerry McCann on May 18th, 2007 [below]:


If the last photo is fake, why is it fake? There are a few reasons why this photo may be chosen as the “last photo”. The most important is that Madeleine appears happy. It’s a “happy family photo”. If this photo wasn’t taken at the end of the holiday, then it suggests there weren’t photos of Madeleine later on in the trip where she appeared happy, or in a “holiday” setting. This would in turn raise worrying possibilities – that for whatever reason, the children, the family, weren’t getting along as well as they should. And this in turn might turn into concern about things like sleeping habits, the child’s behaviour, discipline and the possibility of parents sedating their children at night.

All of these, incidentally, were issues raised by the Portuguese cops.

So the Last Photo is a big deal. If the Last Photo isn’t what it purports to be, what else is a misdirection?

I’m not convinced Gerry is wearing the same shirt at the Ocean Club pool as he was on the bus. The tone is slightly greyer and lighter, and the sleeves seem longrt, and more creased. It’s not impossible though.

Madeleine [and Amelie] have clearly changed their clothing from what they wore on the flight from East Midlands Airport:


But the aspect I want to highlight is the most obvious. Why are the skins of all three people in this image so pink?


If the McCanns arrived on April 28th, then this image was taken on Day 6 of their holiday. It sure doesn’t look like they’ve been on holiday in the Algarve for 6 days, does it?

I traveled to Praia da Luz this year, arriving on the night of May 1st. By the end of Day 1 I’d already gotten a hectic sunburn to my neck and arms. The skin wasn’t merely a tone or two darker, it had actually burned red on the first day. This was despite flying in from South Africa, at the end of a summer there.

Although I’d brought a cap for the sun, and the weather in early May in the Algarve is fairly mild, a few days later I bought a wide-brimmed straw hat [I still have it] and Factor 50 sunblock. In no time at all I’d developed a sandal tan on my feet, and a short sleeve tan. Though the nights are chilly the days in early May can be warm, and if one lounges in the sun, the sun can be blazing hot.

The three individuals pictured above look as though they’ve just arrived in Praia da Luz. They look as if its’s their first day in the sun, and the first time at the pool.

When I arrived the first thing I said to a guest on the first morning [she had come from the pool] was: ‘Is the water warm?’ Her answer: ‘Are you kidding?’

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Proof! The ‘Last Photo’ is Fake


The £20 million Pedophile-Adbuctor themed Netflix Series, “Cops closing in on new prime suspect” and McCann case [GASP!] “close to a breakthrough” – the timing is all quite odd, don’t you think?

There has been a definite uptick in McCann-related PR this year. 2019 is the 12 year anniversary, so it’s not a numbers thing or anniversary thing. What it is is an Influence Campaign.

Sometime this year the European Court of Human Rights will rule on whether Portugal owes the McCanns money because the lead detective slandered them. Or it will rule that he didn’t. Whatever the ruling it will be huge because effectively it will be the last word in the McCann case. Imagine if the last word is that the lead detective was “right”? Because that will – at least symbolically – be the message behind the verdict. That could leave the legacy of McCann-related PR in tatters.

2019 has been a remarkable year so far in terms of coverage – PR and Investigative Reporting – on the McCann case. We’ve seen a crazy expensive Netflix series. Who paid for it, by the way? We’ve seen a lot of disconcerting bullshit peddled and recycled in the MSM media – still using the McCanns as a cash cow and playing the public for fools. Who is in charge of that? Who are the editors and reporters?

When this is all over, assuming it will be over, will be the media be called to account via an Authentic Inquiry for intentionally and cynically misleading the public to line their own pockets?

Fullscreen capture 20190625 204647

We’ve also seen an incredible offer from the world’s foremost DNA scientist, Dr Mark Perlin, to reexamine critical evidence. Even more incredible is the craven silence in “response” to this gesture; this from the folks at the center of the world’s most expensive missing person’s investigation in True Crime history.

Despite Dr. Perlin’s offer [to check the data for free], Scotland Yard apparently have far more serious suspects to pursue, and are far too busy with this to even respond to the offer.

One of their recent leads – announced on May 3rd [in Portugal] would you believe – was of a German pedophile who, unfortunately for the Pedophile Abductor narrative, appears to have a preference for young boys. The McCann case is famous for always having a brand new abductor every few months. Each promising new lead becomes a dead end only to lead to another BRAND NEW SUSPECT IDENTIFIED.

What’s bizarre is Martin Smith identified Gerry McCann right in the beginning, as someone he saw on the night of May 3rd, just before 22:00, carrying a child that fit the description of Madeleine McCann. Smith was able to guess the child’s age because he had a child of similar age himself. This is the one lead that had never been followed up. In a 12-year unsolved case, isn’t it time it was followed up?

But just like the DNA offer, it seems when it comes to this case the Official Investigation has its Eyes Wide Shut and the money just keeps rolling in, doesn’t it?

In True Crime there’s no such thing as coincidence, and when it’s as high-profile as this case, the stakes couldn’t be higher, or the motives lower.

Fullscreen capture 20190625 202043

Fullscreen capture 20190318 170726Fullscreen capture 20190625 205059


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