22 thoughts on “New Photos of Chris Watts and Nichol Kessinger released by Weld County

  1. Picture #2, her selfie in the bathroom, is the funniest thing I’m going to see all day. Look at the difference between her appearance in the foreground and her reflection in the mirror. A li’l Photoshop, please?


  2. Picture 8 – Nichole in front of the sunflowers. Didn’t Chris put a field of sunflowers as his wallpaper on his phone or something? And he not the kind of guy to go for flower pictures?


  3. These pictures are so poignant, somehow. There’s Chris, living his best life, with someone who’s beautiful and natural, hot and healthy, athletic and adventurous, wild, uninhibited, exciting, fit and fine, doing all the things Shan’Ann (didn’t want to do/claimed to be too sick to do/was too sickly to do). Chris *wanted* that life with Nichole – I can understand why.

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    • Ralph Oscar- WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?!? May God have mercy on your soul as you are obviously a VERY disturbed, deceived soul to even say such things.
      He made a vow in marriage before God to pledge his life to Shan’Ann and that includes faithfulness. What’s the point in getting marriage if you don’t take those vows seriously I ask you? You’re acting as though they were just bf and gf (Mr and Mrs Watts) which would have been wrong to cheat then but marriage vows should mean something. Marriage is not supposed to be like a bf and gf situation where you can just dump them if you see greener grass. Sounds like you’re just as deceived as Chris is. Divorce is never a good decision and Murder is even worse! But he not only betrayed his wife he betrayed his 3 children and made them pay, via murder, for his poor excuse for a man! Satan slowly deceived this man into committing adultry with this woman which opened the door for more sin which led to the murders of his beautiful wife and their 3 innocent children. Wake up and smell the coffee, don’t be deceived into thinking this is anywhere near NORMAL or OK, the murders OR the Cheating. What you said about Shan’Ann what utterly uncalled for and totally disrespectful. She didn’t deserve to be treated like this no matter how she was when she was alive.

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      • abby, dont respond to these narc trolls,the are baing people on purpose because they get off on negative attention and getting a rise out of people. ignore them they arent worth your attention.


    • How bout just get a damn divorce then??? He could have been runnin around with his basic ass bitch right now, and his wife and kids would be here still. Dumbest thing I’ve ever read…

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  4. I’m looking forward to when you post again on this topic. I’ll miss the daily blog but glad we have the book series. I’m rereading through the entire Two Face Collection. Thank you.


  5. They both look like they were, are in Love.
    Especially Chris having a lot of firsts, something he never got to do, in his marriage.
    For a short time, he got to feel….perhaps Real Love, unhinged.
    You can’t fault Love, if only the outcome was different.
    But then again, this isn’t and won’t be the last killing of a spouse.

    “We don’t get to see our futures, otherwise we all would live a perfect life”.

    “Be lead by the dreams in your heart”.

    “The past is a place of reference, not a place of residence. The past is a place of learning, not a place of living”.

    I’m waiting for a response, from someone.


    • She doesnt seem like a high maintenance gal. No makeup, no fancy clothes,naturally fit instead of relying on Multi level marketing vitamins. She seemed like she would have been happy with him only mkaing half his income if he simply went thru a divorce and paid child support. I dont know why he didnt see this, so in conclusion I think his anger and resentment of Shannon was brewing for quite awhile and then a demon got to him


    • Chris did have many firsts with his wife, and that didn’t leave room for his new girl friend to have firsts with him. As far as love I think Chris didn’t experience real human emotion, hence he googled “What does it feel like when someone tells you they love you?” The fact that he murdered his own babies should be a red flag to any of these jailhouse groupies who are after him. Had he been able to get away with his whole family being murdered -I mean running off from him. Guess who would be next in line to follow his murdered wife?


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