Nora Quoirin Blame Game Heats Up in Media War

It’s simple. If the media is British then the Malaysian cops are to blame for a flawed investigation. If the media is Malaysian, then the cops aren’t to blame. Thus far the Malaysian media have stopped short of making any accusations or inferences against the parents. The battle to control the narrative is gaining momentum, but who actually holds the higher moral ground in this instance?

The fact that someone went to see mediums on Day 9 is damning. It shows someone dropped the ball somewhere, and it reinforces the very real notion that Nora could have been found earlier, perhaps even alive, if the search had been more focused from Day 1.

We know that on August 9th Nora’s folks spent 1-2 hours at a prayer meeting [British press say the police took them to a 2-hour meeting, Malaysian press said they left after 1 hour]. They also spent some time giving a press conference where they provided details on fundraising for the search.

It seems once the autopsy results were made known, the parents checked out of The Dusun Resort and went home. The way the article reads in the Malay Mail, the Negri Sembilan police chief Datuk Mohamad wasn’t informed of the Quoirn families’ movements or intentions, and instead learned the Quoirin’s had returned home via the media.

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CrimeRocket isn’t affiliated with the British, Irish, French or Malaysians. But it appears after all the efforts spent by the Malaysian authorities to respond to the families vocal petitions for help, all they got in return was a kick in the teeth.

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4 thoughts on “Nora Quoirin Blame Game Heats Up in Media War

  1. It actually makes me very angry when the ‘blame the foreign police force ‘ thing starts. It’s almost always unjustified and just so ungrateful. Malaysia police and volunteers seem to have put on a very respectable response and been sensitive to their feelings. And it’s the parents who were pushing the possible abduction scenario which pointed against her being lost in jungle and presumably driven away. You know with the McCann case – no shortage of blaming the funny foreign police there. Just one of many ironies about that – if the bloodstain in the apartment had been in the UK it would have met standards of being a DNA match (something like 17/21 markers are needed) whereas Portugal required a higher standard of matching (19/21 markers). Leading to the absurd situation of the family criticising the Portuguese police for sloppy standards and claiming they were being victimised whereas if it had been found here they’d have had some questions to answer. It’s called having it all ways.


  2. One other thought. It would be interesting to know how and through who the holiday booking was made. Was it made directly with the owner of the resort or was it made through some sort of holiday company. If it was an Abta accredited company or booking then reference should have been made to disabled access/suitability of the premises and environment in the description or contract i think.


  3. Well, they didn’t get a house that was safety proofed for a disabled girl. That’s obvious. There were no visible baby gates blocking the stair case at the foot of the stairs or at the top of the stairs. And a window with no screen covering was standing open. For someone for whom her mother said has difficulty doing anything on her own – without someone holding her hand, I would think that means getting herself dressed, eating, walking, and visiting the bathroom facilities. Leaving her alone near an open window would have been beyond careless – even if everyone was jet lagged and tired, or one parent was tasked with Nora’s care and the other one was tasked with checking in, going over the rules of the resort, etc. A closer look at the downstairs window looks difficult for Nora to climb up and out. One wonders if she had gone down the rickety stairs outside would she have been found floating in the pool – but no, she goes into the forest. No sound is heard by anyone in the Quoirin household. If the family had gotten wind that the upstairs windows would have been next to an impossible scenario for Nora to have climbed out of – without hitting the ground below, now it’s disputed just where Nora was sleeping. And a large rectangular window with no window screen on it is left open – for staging purposes? A girl is dead, there should be an inquest.


  4. From looking at the resort on their own site and booking sites it says not suitable for wheelchairs and some of the reviews talk about it not being good for old people. It also makes a big thing about the cottages being open to the forest – natural air conditioning. Meaning some rooms are just open to the elements – I believe the bathroom in nora’s cottage had no roof or ceiling. I am at a loss why they would have booked somewhere like this if she had the needs and limitations that her own family have described – it would surely have been a stressful holiday even if this thing hadn’t happened. Another slightly odd thing about booking with them is you can’t book children in – you can take them and they are free, but you can’t actually include them on the booking, apparently you just email them afterwards. Makes me wonder about things like insurance.


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