#11 July 14th, 2018: Watts and Kessinger head to the Mustang museum in Boulder – Shan’ann made at least 10 unanswered calls to Watts #1yearagotodayCW

Throughout Saturday in mid-July, exactly a month before the murders, Watts is less available when Shan’ann calls, and investing more of his free time with Nichol Kessinger. He also logs onto Facebook at 10:19. Why? He did this only a few minutes after Kessinger called him.

On July 14th Shan’ann made at least 10 unanswered calls to Watts. One of these calls occurred during a 43 minute conversation when Watts and Kessinger were speaking. In all Watts and Kessinger spoke to each other over the phone for close to an hour, while Watts and his wife spoke less than 12 minutes.

If Kessinger was aware Watts was having issues with his wife, she may have offered him advice, or even counseling. Did Watts tell Kessinger about Nut Gate? Did Kessinger see any of it on Facebook?

Based on his lack of communication, Shan’ann had to have been aware on July 14th that things had seriously deteriorated in her marriage.


Fullscreen capture 20190708 110925Fullscreen capture 20190708 110932

Over this same period the Steelers were playing their games, but in stark contrast to the past, this time there was no family solidarity, no dressing in the same outfits and supporting their team together.

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