Nora Quoirin: TCRS Assessment

After a 10 day search, sadly – but predictably – 15-year-old Nora Quoirin’s body has been found. It’s the ambit of this site to find answers, and while we are compassionate to what happened to poor Nora, it also matters what happened and who was involved. There are a few things that stood out from the very beginning, and a few aspects that are abundantly clear now. Let’s go through them.


The speed at which the parents – both parents – were absolutely convinced there was an abduction, without any evidence, and without any confirmation or reinforcement from the police, was the first red flag.  Now it’s one thing if the police are convinced [and have good reason] to speculate in one direction or another, it’s a different kettle of fish when those closest to the victim are making unsubstantiated claims.

One of the first unsubstantiated claims was that Nora was implied to have exited the bungalow through her own bedroom window. But this is what the upstairs bedroom looks like:

17016816-7339617-Nora_s_bedroom_inside_the_Sora_apartment_at_the_Dusun_Resort_in_-a-7_1565319010705Fullscreen capture 20190813 164453

Curiously, this “clue” didn’t come from the parents, but was apparently “leaked” by one of the siblings.

Fullscreen capture 20190813 163431

We see early on that the local law enforcement was quickly pressured by the views of the family that an abduction had taken place. The police were adamant that it wasn’t, but later deferred to the family, and to pressure from international media, that an abduction or kidnapping was possible. As a result, core search teams were split into a local contingent [searching the forests and jungles] and another group to check the nearby towns and settlements for any suspicious leads. We can see how this external pressure was already twisting the focus of the investigation away from the potential crime scene.

Fullscreen capture 20190813 163936

Further familiarity with the inside of the bungalow seemed to confirm the idea of both an abduction and the child wandering off as unlikely. Firstly because the imputed abductor left no clues whatsoever, and secondly because with Nora’s limited faculties, it’s unlikely she would be able to negotiate a foreign spiral staircase at night. Bear in mind Nora was unable to do up her own buttons, and had spatial difficulty. Her particular condition is as a result of the two hemispheres of her brain not separating properly.

It took a while before the family provided details on exactly what Nora’s developmental difficulties were. It turned out to be holoprosencephaly, a rare congenital brain malformation.

The family and the Malaysian authorities were immediately at cross-purposes, which was highlighted in the media. The speed at which the case gained attention was also due to the Quoirin family having spokespeople reading statements prepared by the girl’s mother, and others fundraising abroad, on their behalf.

When Nora’s parents did speak it was to thank the police for their investigation, even though the police hadn’t completed the investigation. Nora’s mother also said right at the end, “We hope you find Nora” not “we hope we find Nora”. In terms of the optics of the video below, Nora’s father initially appears out of site of the camera, peeks round, then stands showing support, but does so a little stiffly. His wife doesn’t acknowledge him and he doesn’t say anything to the media.

Although this is by no means a scientific comment to make, although the parents say the right things, there’s no obvious sign of being overwhelmed by emotion, as one might expect. There are no tears, and of the parents, the husband seems partically emotionless. In light of the fact that he was shouting emotionally at the resort manager earlier, this mismatch is a potential flag.

The video below presents the same press conference as above, but this time showing the father as well. Notice how hyper-vigilant he is, eyes darting around, but once again not needing to say or express anything. There also seems to be very little rapport between husband and wife.

Fullscreen capture 20190813 163913

Fullscreen capture 20190808 170912

There are other similarities to the McCann case, such as the early anger directed at the Malaysian authorities for taking too long to respond.

Fullscreen capture 20190813 155107

More here: Malaysia – Nora Quoirin, 15, from UK


These are the undisputed facts according to The Telegraph:

Her naked body was found in a ravine in the forest surrounding the resort, following a 350-person search involving police, volunteer hikers and even shamans. National deputy police chief Mazlan Mansor told reporters at a press conference that a body that “resembles Nora” had been found beside a small stream about 1.6 miles from the resort. He said the body was unclothed but declined to comment on whether it had any injuries.  The body was taken to hospital by helicopter where it was identified.

We know that Nora’s body was 1) in an inaccessible area 2) 1.6 miles from the resort. Both of these disqualify an innocent explanation, ie that Nora “wandered off”. Her parents have been firm that Nora would never have wandered off, and this assertion may well come back to haunt them.

The fact that the area was inaccessible even to search crews, and took 10 days of searching to find, is indicative that Nora herself probably didn’t get there on her own. The fact that it required a helicopter and winch to recover her remains, reinforces the notion that someone may have gone to some trouble to hide her body.

The scenario that Nora wandered off and got into trouble isn’t impossible at this point, just unlikely. Over a period of time obviously she could have wandered further and further and got more and more lost, but one imagines had she been in distress she would have cried out, and had she been alive for even one day, she would have been found.

As the details of her condition and her dependence on her parents becomes clearer we ought to move closer to addressing “why” and what happened. The operant family dynamics will play a crucial role in illuminating this case.

More: Nora Quoirin: Body found in Malaysia is missing girl – BBC

Nora Quoirin cops fly body out of jungle which was found a mile from where missing 15-year-old Brit girl vanished from Malaysia hotel room – The Sun

3 thoughts on “Nora Quoirin: TCRS Assessment

  1. I had a look on resorts website and some very mixed reviews of Dusun. Someone had a feeling they were being watched. The cottages seem to be open no way to lock them, no air con so have to leave fans on, windows open, very strange. The owner lives on site too. Absolutely no security in place.
    I am of no fixed opinion about what happened,but with fans on, it may be possible no one heard? Just wondered about that owner, never even heard him mentioned. Open houses are so strange to me, it would be a perverts dream come true.
    IAlso,he would certainly know local area. I feel rotten even thinking like that, he could be a hundred years old for all I know.
    I am not yet convinced re parents involvement, though open to any ideas. It’s so horrible to think that. I don’t believe it was an accident I am sure she did not stray by herself. The cruelty is breaking my heart of the way she suffered.
    I certainly think the parents are weird. The father is so creepy hiding behind his wife’s skirts, it makes him look shifty and guilty but maybe he’s a hen pecked husband? She seems very dominant.
    Anyway, just ideas. So glad I found this site.
    Regards. Maureen.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Having words with many special needs children she certainly didn’t wander off and she would’ve screamed and made some type of noise and been close enough for someone to hear her . The resort is definitely at fault for having no security and no way to lock up for security reasons . I think it is disgraceful and very hurtful to victimize parents who just lost a child . People Focusing on windows nonsense when there are many cases around the world where people came in and kidnap children and babies while people were in the home sleeping and we’re never heard until the child turned up missing . The extreme stress the parents are under are supposed to know if she went out the window and are given a third-degree examined for their reactions or mannerisms while the first stage of grief is denial until it hits you and I’m sure not eyeballed by all of this media 😪 I agree with Maureen about how sketchy the owner lives there and never mentioned n probably well known by friends n locals friends with n why he’s never mentioned if you know what I mean perhaps,? canine dogs couldn’t find her tracks ? a 15-year-old girl vulnerable, light as a feather looks like & easy prey for predators . Praying for the family, sorry for your loss and may the truth come out. They should have their own autopsy done😒 ✅ how many other people are never rushing to go visit Malaysia and certainly not with children 🙏🏼😪😭😩


    • I think it is disgraceful and very hurtful to victimize parents who just lost a child. >>>

      “Based on the identity of the perpetrator, there are three distinct types of kidnapping: kidnapping by a relative of the victim or “family kidnapping” (49 percent), kidnapping by an acquaintance of the victim or “acquaintance kidnapping” (27 percent), and kidnapping by a stranger to the victim or “stranger kidnapping” (24 percent).”

      Given that half of kidnapping cases are committed by family members, it makes sense to spend time assessing/excluding this possibility, especially in a case where the parents themselves invoke an abduction. It’s also crucial for parents to co-operate with investigators so they can be excluded as suspects as soon as possible. When they don’t, or aren’t, this raises a flag.


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