11 thoughts on ““He was just the sweetest boy ever.” – Peter Rodger

  1. When Elliot was age 7 he began treatment. His father, Peter, said his treatment began “when we realized he had sexual issues. We brought therapists in to try to help him integrate into society.”


    • When he was in the 6th grade he already seemed quite jealous.

      “I didn’t yet desire girls sexually, but I still felt envy towards Robert for being able to attract the attention of all the popular girls. What was so special about Robert Morgan? I constantly asked myself.”


  2. Now I know where I’ve heard Elliot’s twisted narrative before – “My Twisted World The Story of Elliot Rodger” – Holden Caulfield, “Catcher in the Rye.” Wonder if he read it.


  3. Jealousy comes up over and over with Elliot. As young as age 5 he doesn’t seem to be able to make many friends, but also his father moved around a lot, and then there was the divorce. But he says himself at age 9 that by nature he is a very jealous person. He also seems to cry out of frustration at every little thing. I wonder what it is with these disturbed young men and their manifestos. Not always young men though. A person I know age 55 sent me a manifesto. It was full of how the women in his life used and abused him – took all of his money, his house, even kept him from seeing his niece. His manifesto was full of pictures to illustrate his frustrations, all neatly organized in a three ring binder. His last girlfriend at the time, told me he suffered from Asperger’s syndrome as a child. He would be friendly in one minute, but blow a fuse the next minute.


  4. It’s unfortunate in some cases that the father will divorce the mother while the child is still maturing and move on so quickly to a new marriage, then give the mother full custody, or even joint custody. His attention is divided too, between his children from the first marriage, and his new wife. Or, if the father gets complete custody he leaves the child with the new step mother, who really doesn’t want to deal with it and would rather have children of her own. THIS is what is wrong with our society. It’s not that Elliot didn’t have a disorder, he did, but it was exacerbated by the divorce, going between two homes, as well as having his whims indulged by allowing him to get his way and giving him anything he asked for as a way to pacify their own guilt for shattering his family life.


  5. One last thought on Elliott Rodger – his therapist sent his mother the manifesto the day he went on his rampage. She and his father Peter, desperately searched for him in their cars while listening to the news that a shooter was on the loose in a black BMW. My problem with this is if Elliott was in therapy since the age of 7, wasn’t Peter given updates as to his progress or lack of? We don’t get from there to here in one week. Similar issues with Nickolas Cruz who the state wants to put to death. There were all kinds of warnings about that kid too. Just makes me very very sad that not only are we not able to protect innocent citizens from madness, we are unable to treat the mad.


    • Absolutely. In the same way Peter reckons he had no clue what was happening, John Ramsey and the Anthonys also claimed to have run perfect households. Same with the Shacknais. Everything is 100% perfect, then disaster. Really?


  6. I read up on this case, one because it’s not that far from my home town.
    I didn’t hear about it at the time this took place. Two, it interested me to
    look into the psychology of this extremely troubled young man.
    I found that there were signs of high functioning Asperger’s syndrome,
    as one of his disorders. I also noticed he had a mentality of high grandiose
    thinking. Examples, you can see in his videos.
    In the interview given by the father with Barbara Walters, his father appeared to feel awful about what has happened on one hand. On the other, he seems
    detached from it partially. It’s not a judgement on the father, by any means.
    I noticed his responses sounded mixed.


  7. Really interesting story isn’t it Jenn. I’m only on page 29 of his manifesto, although I did skip to retribution day. As concerned as his father Peter seems (from the Barbara Walters interview) he knew Elliot was having trouble adapting to other peers, which he says is why he was moved from school to school – I had thought it was because Peter wanted to move up in the world which would take them into different school districts. Everything gets covered up in these genteel households of hissing summer lawns and clinking lemonade glasses. There were numerous visits to JonBenet’s pediatrician and five frantic calls from Patsy after hours which she claims not to remember. It’s always a freight train coming that apparently the parents don’t see, or want to see.


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