#27 July 30th, 2018: Resetting Settings + Writing Love Letters #1yearagotodayCW

On Monday it was back to work for Watts. This day was arguably the last normal work day for Watts, because when he returned from North Carolina, the premeditation was likely locked in.

As was her usual habit, Shan’ann called Watts first thing in the morning before he left for work. She may have given him a brief list of instructions that included sorting out her car insurance and getting the damned defective Vivint sensor fixed.

At 09:18 Shan’ann sent Watts three images of a serious injury to one of their children. Watts observed that the ankle appeared dislocated. It’s possible the visual of this injury fed into the mental preparation that was psychologically primed and already in place. How did he feel about his family getting hurt? Bear in mind, what he did to his children’s bodies [stuffing them through thief hatches] wasn’t just an effort to hide their bodies, but to destroy their limbs, to dissolve them into nothing.

It’s unknown which child was injured but it would be no surprise to learn that it was Ceecee. This injury should also be seen in the context of Shan’ann’s earlier fear that Watts’ mother had tried to kill her child. Now we have a serious injury, the circumstances of which aren’t even mentioned. Who was supervising the child when the injury happened? Were they trying to kill the child? Obviously not, but doesn’t it reveal a double standard at best, hypocrisy at worst?

Fullscreen capture 20190726 102539-001

At 16:44 Kessinger called and left her second voicemail with a creepy, schoolgirl-like giggle. Background noise suggests the call was made while driving. The couple were very much in love at this point, as evidenced by the effort Watts made into researching lovey-dovey lyrics and love letters.  [Five days earlier he’d researched “when to say I love you” online].

Watts likely called Kessinger back shortly after receiving her message, but this call is also deleted from Watts’ device.

Fullscreen capture 20190726 102544

It’s noteworthy that the last order of business for Watts before he decamped from Colorado, was dealing with Vivint and crafting his love letters to Kessinger. On July 30th, his final day in Colorado without his wife and children, what’s he doing specifically?


Watts is working, “…resetting settings and sensitivity…and [monitoring]”of the home security system. This is necessary because he’ll be away all week, and also because the system needs to be programmed so that Deeter doesn’t set it off.

This also begs the question, when Watts was away on the camping trip, and sleeping over at Kessinger, where was Deeter? We know Nicolas Atkinson and Nickole were roped in to babysit the dog during the first week of August, and were briefed on the security system and front door code, but what happened before that? Did Watts leave the animal “caged” in the basement the entire time he was sleeping over at Kessinger’s? 

Did this control of the animal while he was getting his kicks also form part of him hardening his heart, and developing the necessary mental preparation to commit triple murder?


And there’s something else. It may be that during the next week, while sulking, and pining away for Kessinger, he started plotting, and saw the loopholes in the home security system as the key to pulling off his scheme.


At 18:38, presumably while still at home, Watts Googled “love letters”. About an hour-and-a-half later he was likely done, and ready to leave him. Instead he told Shan’ann:

“Letting Dieter out and going to bed Boo. Love you.” 

But he no longer loved her.  He loved someone else, really loved her. That night he didn’t go to bed early, and didn’t sleep in his own bed. It’s likely he didn’t go to sleep at all.


#23 July 26th, 2018: Money, Security and a “Good Mood” #1yearagotodayCW

Whose idea was it to go the Great Sand Dunes National Park that weekend? When did that idea come up?

July 26th, 2018, was the last Thursday leading up to Watts’ final weekend with Nichol Kessinger before flying down to North Carolina. They were going to need to make it count. But first, there was some admin to be done.

Unusually, the first call to Watts’ phone that morning was from Kessinger. Since he was up and running, Watts elected to call his wife afterwards. Shan’ann called him back, then again mid-morning. Their calls may have had something to do with Vivint, and the still broken garage sensor, or to do with cash, or both. Watts was going to need some if he was going to go on a camping trip with his mistress that weekend. [On July 30th we know for a fact that Shan’ann and Watts were still talking about the “sensitivity” of the Vivint settings].

After work, Watts called Chase Bank, which suggests the idea to go to Great Sand Dunes that weekend could have happened sometime that Thursday, possibly at work. Since Kessinger says in the video “thank you for coming here with me”, it appears to have been her idea.

A few minutes after calling the bank, Watts accessed Myprepaidcenter.com. It was by using this system that Watts was able to buy things for several weeks without alerting Shan’ann to his non-discretionary expenses.

After that Watts tried to sort things out with Vivint, calling Shan’ann afterwards to report  on any progress. Possibly he also took Kessinger out to the Lazy Dog restaurant near their home that evening and used his prepaid debit card to finance the meal.Fullscreen capture 20190726 102512

Meanwhile on Shan’ann’s Facebook, she and Bella were all smiles. Shan’ann gave herself a clean bill of health, as well as everyone around her.

Fullscreen capture 20190724 131244