#20 July 23rd, 2018: An Average Monday #1yearagotodayCW

July 23rd, 2018, a Monday, started the same way most weekdays did during the 5 weeks Shan’ann and the kids were away. Shan’ann called him at the crack of dawn, catching him just before he went to work. Later, at work presumably, Watts transferred another image of Kessinger into his Secret Calculator app.

…it felt like she had a leash on him and she was able to tug him away from Shan’ann…[CBI Report, page 5

Fullscreen capture 20190722 231841

Why did Watts call Nickole? Was it to do another Thrive promo, as he had with Cristina Meacham?

By the evening, it was back to wining and healthy dining with Kessinger, and sleeping over.