#21 July 24th 2018: “Man I’m having affair with says he will leave his wife” #1yearagotodayCW

July 24th was roughly halfway into Shan’ann’s 6 week adventure in North Carolina, three weeks prior to her murder and two weeks after Nut Gate. It’s clear by this milestone it wasn’t only the couple that were arguing, they seemed to be arguing with their respective in laws as well.

By July 24th Kessinger seemed to have confirmation from Watts that the man she said she loved [ she told him she loved him “a couple of times] also loved her, and planned to [somehow] make it official.


On July 24th Shan’ann’s mother called Watts 12 different times, demonstrating that if Shan’ann could push and pressure him, so could Sandi. Sandi spoke to Watts for around 30 minutes over the course of those twelve calls [each call thus lasting roughly two to three minutes].

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We can also see how smoothly and easily Watts lies to Shan’ann about where he was, and what he was doing. Cheating in general, but conducting an affair in particular, requires planning, foresight, and knowing how to plausibly account for downtime. All of this was practice for the dark acts that were brewing in the back of his mind.

We can see that July 24th was also the first time Shan’ann truly saw beyond Nut Gate, and realized something was very wrong with him, and their marriage. She even mentions it to him “having another girl” which Watts craftily lets slide. But this was late, too late. It was already more than three weeks into his sexually active affair and he’d already committed himself to his mistress, and apparently, she to him.  Shan’ann’s suspicions at this point were a serious threat to his future now, and his future plans. What could he do about that?

In total, Shan’ann and her mother spoke to Watts for over an hour on July 24th, a new record. Visa-Exe.Black-Univ-rel