YouTube Creators’ Disproportionate Support for Foul Play Theory [13 September, 2022]

During the first week of September, the TCRS community attempted to do a census of those creators either pushing or broadly supportive of the Foul Play Theory in the Kiely Rodni case. We found around 20 established channels seemingly convinced that the likeliest explanation was foul play, including the biggest and most influential channels, such as AWP and Law & Crime.

We could only find two established channels that weren’t – Profiling Evil and Gray Hughes.

Below is by no means a scientific list of FP channels, and obviously if they disagree they are free to communicate that. But it does appear to be reasonably accurate on the date of publication [September 13].

It must also be said that at least one channel that appeared overtly oriented to Foul Play now seems to be more “on the fence” as it were.

FOUL PLAY YouTubers:

  1. Law & Crime
  2. Adventures with Purpose
  3. Christina Randall
  4. Popcorned Planet
  5. 10 to Life
  6. DutyRon [Not 100% clear if DutyRon ought to be on this list]
  7. Zav Girl
  8. Grizzly True Crime
  9. Reporter Room
  10. Crime Stories Obsessed
  11. Michelle After Dark
  12. Jimeva Crime
  13. Jay is 4 Justice
  14. The Mob Crew
  15. The Tyler Feller Show
  16. Don B
  17. Suspicious Minds
  18. Crime Time with Mal
  19. Armchair Detective
  20. Ryan Upchurch