CCTV shows Heidi Broussard got into Maygen’s car – Willingly

Note: TCRS will be following Heidi’s spelling of Maygen’s name – with a Y. ABC and the Daily Mail have not, preferring to spell her name Magen, but TCRS will stick to the convention used by Heidi herself.

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Video at Broussard’s Austin apartment complex captured her getting into Fieramusca’s car willingly on Dec. 12, the day she went missing, said sources. Margot was with her. They were old friends.ABC13

Why would Heidi willingly get into Maygen’s car if not because she’d just been assaulted by Shane? She may have left under the ruse that her and Maygen were simply going to sit in the car, or around the corner to have coffee. It does seem strange that no baby-related items appear to have been taken with. It doesn’t seem as if Heidi thought she was going to be on the road for over two hours, to Houston.

The Daily Mail also provides this insight into Maygen’s relationship – rent free – with Chriostopher Green:

Neighbors of Fieramusca said she lived in the Houston home with Christopher Green, who owned the residence. Green, who was named on Humphrey’s baby register, is actually her landlord, can disclose. Green, 33, has owned the home since 2015. He has not been charged in connection to the case.

Speaking outside her Houston home, his mother Christine Green, 54, said her son had been renting the property to Humphrey for two years. She dismissed any notion that his relationship with Fieramusca was closer than landlord and tenant and claimed she ‘had never paid rent’. Asked if her son had been in a relationship with Fieramusca, who also went by Humphrey, she said: ‘No, she lived there. That was it. She never paid the rent. She was there for two years and never paid a thing.’

However, Green bailed out Fieramusca out of jail in 2018 after she was arrested for theft for allegedly stealing money [$5000] from an Ace Express check cashing business where she worked as assistant manager. The case was dismissed for lack of evidence.

Green is thought to have no connection with Broussard and was not at the home when her body was discovered.

It’s the neighbor’s version of hearing a muffled scuffle at around 14:00 in Heidi’s apartment that suggests foul play of some kind started in Austin, and that Shane knows more than he’s been letting on.