One thought on “Jonah Shacknai’s Court Testimony

  1. When listening to Jonah’s testimony he is upset recounting Max’s condition as anyone would be. He also seems upset when remembering being told Rebecca was dead. These are normal responses. His memories are accurate and how his emotional responses are to being asked to remember are appropriate. But I have other questions. He seems reluctant to have acknowledged Rebecca for giving Max CPR. With his medical background it may just be a difference in what he considers CPR and Rebecca simply giving Max a “few breaths.” But it’s rather cold to have not tried to absolve Rebecca of any guilt she would have been feeling. He has said he was in love with her and although Max at this point isn’t going to make it, he’s not taking care of someone he professed to love. Was she just an ornament to him?

    Also the message he leaves her the night she was killed is strange. He says he was very upset and basically crying and “I told Rebecca what Dr. Peterson said and to call me.” And that was, according to his conversation with Dr. Peterson, that Max may never walk or talk again. He says his message went to her voice mail. She did not answer. Yet, that message was deleted. Did the phone ring during her murder? But someone listened to the message and then deleted it. Who and why.

    Last, Greer asks Jonah did she put other’s needs before her own? Jonah pauses. And it’s a significant pause. Then answers “often.” Often is a qualifying word. It means frequently but not always. Why the hesitation about that question. Is he remembering her squabble with Gabby? If so, it’s petty.

    Jonah is very polished on the stand. There will never ever be any way to connect him to Rebecca’s death/murder unless it’s through True Crime Rocket Science. May be his only connection is that he has paid for Adam’s legal defense, but often those in power can send unspoken messages to others and remain detached from the actual criminal activity for example using the power of office to silently do their bidding without there being a record of it that would tie anything to the one delivering the message.


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