INCEL: Elliot Rodger Crime Scene

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College Community Shootin

This photo shows the scene of a drive-by shooting that left seven people dead, including the attacker, and others wounded on Friday, May 23, 2014, in Isla Vista, Calif. Alan Shifman an attorney for Hollywood director Peter Rodger, who was an assistant director on The Hunger Games, said the family believes Rodger’s son, Elliot Rodger, is responsible for the shooting rampage near the Santa Barbara, California, university campus. Authorities have not confirmed the identity of the shooter. (AP Photo/The News-Press, Peter Vandenbelt)




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12 thoughts on “INCEL: Elliot Rodger Crime Scene

  1. It seems as thought his desire to have girls and being denied girls started around age 13. Which is a pretty young age for believing you will never have something. He’s been pretty good at getting everything he wanted either by throwing tantrums, sulking, making everyone else miserable around him until he got what he wanted and also because his father was anxious to give him what he wanted because he thought it would help him. Also his father had the means to give him whatever he wanted. He even took him to Las Vegas in an attempt to get him laid. Peter Rodger enabled his son. It seems to me though that girls was just something Elliot became fixated on because in his mind he would never get a girl, they hated him, and he would punish them. Girls were the one thing he couldn’t wheedle and cajole others into giving him so he became obsessed with it.

    Also his killing spree mimics his obsession with the game World of Warcraft. A description of the game can be found on wikipedia but a brief summary is as follows: “WOW play involves the completion of quests. Quests usually reward the player with some combination of experience points, items and in-game money. Quests are linked by a common theme, and commonly involves killing a number of creatures, gathering a certain number of resources, finding a difficult to locate object, and visiting specific locations with objects in the world….” etc.


  2. You’re welcome. I’m of course hoping you will write a second Slaughter book or a book about Elliot Rodger. He’s kind of fascinating because he writes in a very articulate way and his Vlogs are interesting as well. His illness had a lot to do with his thought processes. He’s not a bad looking kid, he’s not at all like Nickolas Cruz who’s prison letters to someone named Miley read like a third grader. And of course we had another shooting yesterday in Gilroy, CA by a 19 year old with an assault rifle that he purchased in Nevada.


    • Thanks for this. Interesting how his IQ fluctuated from the 70’s to the 90’s. He wasn’t too stupid to get his gun license, and in terms of mass shootings, it’s still the deadliest high school shooting ever.


  3. Between 10 and 15 years ago, on a different site that no longer exists, someone appeared and pretty quickly (without hanging out to join the community) told us about how he was, like Rodger, incel and angry about it, so he was planning to kidnap a young woman and hold her hostage and rape her over and over. He even had a remote cabin identified as where he would store her. We of course were horrified and asked him to consider that his target would be someone’s daughter, sister, cousin, even *mother*… He disappeared shortly thereafter and never returned.

    They’re out there.


  4. I spoke with my doctor friend last week regarding autism in predominantly young males. He said it was inherited, and that often a doctor might suspect a patient has autism if he checks off five out of ten symptoms, which can also lead to a misdiagnosis. My doctor friend said the problem with labeling (as we’ve discussed here many times) is the treatment prescribed might cause more problems than the illness. Then you end up treating the side effects of the medication with more medication. But with a diagnosis of autism there is treatment available through the schools, so often this particular diagnosis might be given so that someone who could not otherwise afford treatment, would be able to receive it within the school district. Autism shows to be a problem in the brain responding appropriately to social cues – the right kind of connections just aren’t made. Elliot perceived himself to be a dork, unattractive, not likeable, never mainstream, never popular, couldn’t fit in. Every friend he had he felt left him when they found what he couldn’t find, a girl to like him. This was for the most part, all in Elliot’s head. Nor does he mention in his manifesto what kind of treatment he was receiving, medications, or therapy, although it isn’t curable. Sometimes boys just grow out of it. But if you believe the media, that he was in therapy since the age of 7 – then I heard since the age of 9 – how was he able to pass a background check to get guns? And where is his therapy discussed in his manifesto. Perhaps it is, I’m still hovering around page 59 but there are other boys out there with problems, how can we help them, and protect ourselves.

    I’ve compared symptoms of autism and it’s variant – Asperger’s – to Burke Ramsey and some of them check off. Sudden anger outbursts, the need for routine, wanting everything to be just so in their world, inappropriate mannerisms such as constant smiling. But John alludes to it in an interview about their planned trip to Charlevoix for a second Christmas. He says Patsy didn’t necessarily want to go but warmed to it (doubtful) but that Burke didn’t want to go, not because there wouldn’t be more presents there, there would be, but because then he stops talking. It’s on a candyrose. Because his routine would be interrupted. They knew Burke had disorders. It’s much like Elliot who would cry and have tantrums when driven to school, or being told he was going to Morocco, or summer camp, or changing schools or when he had to give up his room at home to a new sibling. Often the child with autism will focus on one thing, one particular thing that interests them – with Elliot it was WoW, with Burke it was airplanes, and then gameboy, and other hand held video games. His responses to the death of his sister are inappropriate – even to this day, as Woodward chronicles in her book he smiles all of the time because he chooses to look on the bright side of life and be positive.


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