“Where are your Audiobooks on Patreon?” – Use this Post to Navigate to all the Audiobook Links You Need

There are 9 complete TCRS audiobooks on Patreon, all narrated by the author, some on the $5 tier, some on the $10 tier. Each month at least one new audiobook is added to the site. Most are cheaper to listen to than to purchase on Amazon.

Audiobooks are uploaded in real time as a unique benefit to the patrons who are on the $5 and $10 tiers monthly. They get the audiobook chapters on the same day they’re uploaded, and I try to upload one chapter every day. Some patrons prefer to consume the chapters in a single bingle-listen, and for that I recommend waiting until it’s posted as a Complete Audiobook

In general, all audiobooks are on the $5 and $10 tiers. The shorter ones are on the $5 tier, and longer ones, like BLOOD & SEAWATER, are on the $10 tier. The most recent audiobook upload is RAPE OF CASSANDRA, Book 4 in the TWO FACE series. Books 1, 2 and 3 are already available as audiobooks.

Below are a few of the links to the dozen or so audiobooks already uploaded:

1.  BLOOD & SEAWATER – Complete Audiobook  – Scott Peterson 

2.  THE MAN UNDERNEATH CHRISTOPHER WATTS [Book 1] – Complete Audiobook 

3. TWO FACE BENEATH THE OIL [Book 2] – Complete Audiobook 

4. TWO FACE TWO POLLYANNAS [Book 3] – Complete Audiobook 

5. TWO FACE EPILOGUE [Book 9] – Complete Audiobook 



8. BOY, INTERRUPTED – THE MURDER OF GANNON STAUCH – Complete Audiobook – Gannon Stauch

9.DEEPER INTO DARKNESS – Complete Audiobook – Madeleine McCann

10. CHRISTMAS STAR – Complete Audiobook  – JonBenet Ramsey 

9. TWO FACE RAPE OF CASSANDRA – Complete Audiobook.

10. MADELEINE MCCANN Beach of Light – in progress

In September I’ll be doing two, possibly three books.


Night Before Christmas[$10 tier] – Scott Peterson

 – Murder Most Foul [$10 tier] – Patrick Frazee

Chris Watts Lifetime Movie: Is it important to get the details right, and which one is TOTALLY wrong?

Do you know the game “spot the differences”? You hold up one picture, compare it to another and then it’s a matter of vigilance: how many things are different? In true crime, where a crime is dramatized – always a worthwhile exercise – the apposite question to ask is whether these differences matter. Do they?

Something is very wrong in one or more of the images provided here. Does it take a True Crime Rocket Science to figure it out, or can you?


chris-watt-7chris-watt-8Fullscreen capture 20191120 083613

Chris Watts: Confessions of a Killer will premiere on Jan. 25 at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime, followed by Beyond the Headlines: The Watts Family Tragedy at 10 p.m. ET.

See the First Photos from Lifetime’s Movie About Dad Who Killed Wife and Daughters – People

Debunking The TCRS Myths About Chris Watts

The YouTuber below has provided a debunk for the “Chris Watts is a narcissist!” No, actually he isn’t video. What do you think, does she succeed?

I’ve also provided a third video which has an interesting if dubiously relevant explanation of the “covert narcissist”. The scary part is I think I have some of those traits, but doesn’t saying that outright mean I’m not “covert” by definition?

So what am I?

Fullscreen capture 20191114 233349

True Crime In Colorado: Promising New Lines of Inquiry into Nichol Kessinger

The undiscovered country of true crime is undoubtedly social media. Ordinary people leave digital breadcrumbs of themselves online, willy-nilly, randomly, arbitrarily but also authentically. These are off-the-cuff but more important, timestamped and related to a key inner circle of people. These hidden networks reveal plenty about the true social dynamics of the key role players.

Once a crime happens, typically attempts are made to scrub compromising online activity. Kessinger did an impressive job in destroying her virtual identity, but as is typically the case, she wasn’t able to scrub everything.


The True Crime in Colorado channel has done some good work recently in developing the Kessinger narrative in a meaningful way [as opposed to the ongoing conjecture that has been mostly baseless].

They’ve followed a few leads using Venmo notifications,* and trying to connect these to the discovery as well as timeline-related texts sent between Watts and Kessinger. Fleshing out the timeline is integral to cogent True Crime Rocket Science, which is why there seems to be some – not a lot, but some – new insight here.

The bottom-line with these possible connections to Trent Bolte, Danielle and others, is it provides the cursory apparatus to interrogate the beginnings of “dark things” Watts suggested in his letters to Cheryln Cadle. Were these dark things sexual?

*Note: Venmo is a mobile payment service app owned by PayPal.

Here’s everything you’ve ever wondered about the payment app Venmo – Daily Dot

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What would be your #1 Soundtrack for a dramatic movie on the Chris Watts Case?

I’ve heard this on some channels…

It’s cerebral, but perhaps too sentimental – too pleasant – for what really happened, don’t you think?

While driving this made me think of the affair…

The music starting at 1:09 speaks to the sort of impending, inevitable disaster that I feel when I think, research and write about the Watts case…

Let’s hear it. What music do you associate with the Watts case?

Suggestion #1:

Suggestion #2

Suggestion #3