#22 July 25th 2018: “I miss your face” #1yearagotodayCW

On July 25th Watts spoke on the phone to his wife at the beginning of the day, and his mistress at the end of the day. He spoke to Shan’ann for a total of 34 minutes, and to Kessinger for 14 minutes. There’s a clear relay going on with calls to Shan’ann, voicemails from Kessinger, then calls to her. Even in this aspect, Watts is left with a hypoethetical choice:

Who do you want?

Who do you want to talk to?

What to do about this person I don’t want to talk to…? 

It’s clear when juxtaposing Watts’ communications with his wife to his obsession with his mistress, just how torn in two he was. With Shan’ann he was arguing, and lying, with Kessinger he was making love, and lying.

It’s also possible, with a week to go to his departure to North Carolina, Kessinger was becoming anxious, and told Watts she loved him for the first time on July 25th. The day before she’d wanted to know [based on her Google search] if he was going to leave his wife. By telling him she loved him, she was in a way committing to him in a long term relationship, or at least the idea of one. This would have given him confidence to commit to a divorce [a permanent break with his family].

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Kessinger’s voicemail message feels a little like a sexy schoolgirl role play.  Like the nude and semi-nude selfies, it feels like it was intended to get him hooked. Did it work?