12-year-old Jonelle Matthews’ remains located at well site just 20 miles West of CERVI 319 [MAP]

Chris Watts has often been described as an idiot, and his crime as idiotic. In the Jonelle Matthews case, it’s taken 34 years to locate her body. It’s not clear whether Matthews’ remains were found recently on the Cervi Ranch property, but thus far it appears to be either on the property or nearby.

If one follows the black tab below with Jonelle Matthews’ name on it, it takes one right into the territory of the Cervi Ranch, to the Watts well site.

Fullscreen capture 20190726 172504

Below is a map linking the area of Jonelle Matthew’s remains to Saratoga Trail. Whoever drove the child’s body from La Salle, had the same idea Watts’ did – that a well site would be a very good dump site, and he was right. This suggests Mathews’ murderer was an oil worker, just as Watts was.Fullscreen capture 20190726 172555

The image below shows the approximate distance from the well site closer to the top end of the Milton Reservoir, and CERVI 319. Fullscreen capture 20190726 172724

The distance from Jonelle Matthews’ home in La Salle to the well site where her remains were found is approximately 12 miles.

Fullscreen capture 20190726 173938Fullscreen capture 20190726 173754Fullscreen capture 20190726 173559