These are the volunteers who found Nora’s body and this is the Quoirin Family Lawyer [PICTURES]

Sean Yeap [below] his wife Shirley  Yeap and Mary lou were part of a small group of civilian volunteers who found the body. It’s significant that this random, untrained civilian crew were able to find what hundreds of trained searchers [and sniffer dogs] could not.

The trio also said they smelled the remains from a distance.


Below: Shirley Yeap [left] and Mary Lou [right]. 17261136-7355383-Kenny_Chan_left_Shirley_Yap_centre_and_May_Lou_right_who_were_al-a-24_1565776447002

Sankara N. Nair is the lawyer representing the family. So far he’s been saying the family is traumatized.