Nora Quoirin to be buried in Belfast on September 10th – L’yonne Republicaine

According to Charles Morel, the Quoirin family lawyer in France, Nora will be buried on Tuesday, September 10th in Belfast, Ireland. -Nora is the granddaughter of the mayor of Venizy, Sylvain Quoirin. When asked about the investigation into Nora’s death, L’yonne Republicaine quoted Morel saying: “We are waiting.” This is presumably a reference to the still outstanding toxicology results.


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CrimeRocket Releases Book on Nora Quoirin Exactly 3 Weeks after the British Teenager was Found Dead in the Malaysian Jungle

NOT ALL WHO WANDER ARE LOST is an assessment of Nora Quoirin’s seemingly inexplicable disappearance and death from a true crime perspective. Using tried and tested psychological analysis and profiling techniques, investigative photojournalist Nick van der Leek joins the dots while finding new puzzle pieces.

The mission is to solve the mystery of the ten-day disappearance of Nora Quoirin in early August 2019, in central Malaysia.

What happened to Nora?
Why was she so hard to find?
What role did holoprosencephaly play in this case?
How did the fifteen-year-old from London die so close to where she was last seen without being seen by hundreds of searchers?

“This is not an attempt to lay blame, or to make accusations. True crime methodologies are often used to point out signs and symptoms of culpability. That’s not what we’re doing here. These tools can be used just as effectively to exclude theories unsubstantiated by forensic evidence – like phantom abductions. So this narrative isn’t a “who done it”; it’s about what happened to Nora. It’s about when. And explicitly – why.”