Two Sides to the Tugboat Captain

When Adam Shacknai appeared in court he was impeccably dressed in a polished suit. His answers were polite and mild-mannered.

Fullscreen capture 20190629 115330

When he testified Adam spent some time cleaning his glasses when he was asked to examine photos of the crime scene and the victim – arguably his own handiwork.

Fullscreen capture 20190702 103856adamshacknai

This was his demeanor when the 911 call was played back in court.

Fullscreen capture 20190702 105316

On Adam’s final day in court, he appeared completely different – dressed casually in black, wearing a short-sleeved shirt and compared to everyone else in the room, under dressed, especially for January in California.

Fullscreen capture 20190701 010943Fullscreen capture 20190701 010951Fullscreen capture 20190701 010954Fullscreen capture 20190701 011008

Outside court Adam was less polished, and so was his statement to the media. Fullscreen capture 20190701 011149Fullscreen capture 20190701 011306Fullscreen capture 20190701 011424Fullscreen capture 20190701 011610Fullscreen capture 20190701 011629

As the retinue left the premises, Adam stood out as something of an oddball, even from a distance. Fullscreen capture 20190701 011808Fullscreen capture 20190701 011723Fullscreen capture 20190701 011733Fullscreen capture 20190701 011749Fullscreen capture 20190701 011758

Apparently on the same day as the civil trial concluded, Adam sat down for an interview, still dressed in the same clothes. The interview appears to be in a hotel room.


This same wardrobe change from brown-grey suit to brown-grey shirt repeatedly itself in 2018.

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