3 thoughts on ““Expert analysis of Colorado dad accused of killing his wife and kids” – it’s been viewed over 1 million times. Do you agree with the expert?

  1. I remember this clip and watching it several times in the beginning and thinking it was a superficial analysis. I know what I saw on that porch. I saw a man who was glad his family was gone, and one who didn’t wish them to come walking through the door and was glad he would never be barrel rushed again. So when the former FBI profiler says all of these issues he had (she names three – financial, another woman, and the stresses of a pregnancy) could have been addressed in a more pro-social way I don’t know what that means. What is it to be more pro-social – not commit murder? So her analysis is a bit generic and vague. She also says Watts showed a sense of arrogance and ability to be persuasive when he is neither, makes me wonder how many murderers she has come into contact with, and analyzed. Isn’t that something a murderer would want to put forward – an ability to be persuasive, to sell your story, to avoid capture? So it’s not unique to Watts, no one who murders wants to be caught (but maybe some do of course) – but arrogant, no, I don’t get that at all.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all in the TCRS forum and our fearless leader.


  2. Someone pointed out a string of green beads hanging underneath one of the living room chairs – the chair with the printed fabric – in the Watts home. I went to Officer Coonrod’s bodycam footage and now I see it. It was still there when Chris’s defense team came to gather up things, then removed when Nate called an officer when he thought an intruder might have gotten into the Watts home. Doubt it has any relevance – just peculiar that I missed it. It could just be that the children were playing there while Shan’ann was away, and that Watts felt no need to pick up after them since no one would be around who cared after Aug. 13.


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