All My Broken Pieces Author Kathleen Hewtson Releases a Statement

Disclaimer: The contents of the email is reproduced in full as it was sent. CrimeRocket’s publication of it does not confer endorsement or otherwise of the below legal issues, but merely reproduces it for public consumption.

In September of 2019 I was made aware that a manuscript I’d been working on, one titled “All my Broken Pieces,” had been given to the YouTube channel Critical Kay for download. She was able to accomplish this because I was working on writing a book that I hoped would sound like the voice of Cindy Watts. Having no clue as to whether or not it did, I ( very very stupidly) emailed chapters to Cindy who in turn emailed them to her daughter Jamie who in her turn emailed them to her friend Shannon Hart who gave them to Cherlyn Cadle, still with me?

Cherlyn who was preparing her own book for publication and who had fallen out with Cindy, cleverly conceived a plan. She contacted a YouTube channel, said she had Cindy’s memoirs and her permission to show them and voila, not too much later there were 500.000 (and counting) downloads. The book Cindy never wrote was everywhere. I had legal standing on intellectual property theft, but Anne Howard also had legal standing, because Ms. Cadle had plagiarized her book.

All I wanted was for Cadle’s book to go away and so it it did. I found out today though that she has re-published, a sort of director’s cut? I am suing and pursuing criminal prosecution as well. And if there is a penny to be taken, I’m assigning it less legal to the poor Rzucek family.

One thought on “All My Broken Pieces Author Kathleen Hewtson Releases a Statement

  1. Kathleen,
    You need to know what you are talking about and do your homework. I have never done any such thing. You are looking the wrong direction. You are the one who will be sued for all the crap you have spread about me. I’m sick and tired of your hate for me. You don’t even have a cause for it. I’ve never ever done that. And if kay told you that she will be sued along with you.
    Cheryln Cadle


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