No Body No Crime: Did coverage of Casey Anthony case inspire Frazee to kill Kelsey?

The standout feature of the Frazee case is the extraordinary lengths the convicted murderer went to to get rid of Kelsey’s remains. The standout feature of the Casey Anthony case was whether Caylee was missing, or dead.

No body. No crime.

It was only when Caylee’s skeletonized remains were located that Casey was charged with her murder.

The takeout?

No body. No crime.

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Frazee actually said these words to a witness in April 2018, slap bang in the middle of the mainstream media’s ten year anniversary coverage of Casey Anthony.

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Nora Quoirin: Does the McCann case provide a case study on what to do when a child disappears, or what not to do?

The McCann Rule-of-Thumb is raise money, exert pressure, and remote control an investigation from abroad by having your superior country’s resources criticize every aspect of the investigation.

Make sure the case stays in the media because that will focus local cops on searching and investigation. [No, it will focus them on reading the tabloids criticizing what they’re doing].

The McCanns Rule-of-Thumb also suggests waiting as long as possible to give statements to the police, and telling the police to follow the leads you give them. In short, control the narrative. Also, make sure siblings don’t talk to the investigators, as this might actually get it on the right track.

The McCann-Rule-of-Thumb requires setting up PR spokesmen, and not dealing with the police but communicating instead to the public, especially through spokesmen, book deals, documentaries etc. All the profits from this naturally go to the search for the missing child, until it turns out it’s mostly used to pay for PR, legal fees and occasionally, an expensive mortgage.

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