Guest Post: More Details on the Oxy in the Watts Home

TCRS contacted a source close to the family requesting additional information on the Oxy in the basement. This question was passed on to Watts and this was his response.


Chris doesn’t remember the exact date, but the oxy search was done before his visit to North Carolina. They (Chris and Shanann had expired medications all throughout the bins down in the basement to include the pain killers).

Shanann [was] into couponing and would get good deals on medication so in those bins downstairs they had both prescription and over-the-counter medication. That’s why there’s so much of it.

They also had them in the medicine cabinet. He is unclear about which he used, but we assume he could’ve scraped up whatever he found. He then crushed them and put them in her thrive balance pills and already had them made and ready to give to her in Colorado. He gave it to her in North Carolina.

He’s saying he only gave it to her once in North Carolina when he had first arrived. He has only ever told any of us that it was once. Giving it to her twice as he stated in that letter was news to us. He currently maintains that he only did it once. So confusing and terribly frustrating to have these conflicting accounts. I did speak with XXXXXX by phone just before I emailed you to make sure I’ve understood it just right. 

Also, he’s going to be reading the book soon and going through it to separate fact from lies.